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O2 sensor simulator jeep

o2 sensor simulator jeep Like you I've used a torch to get the O2 sensor hot enough to work. O2 SENSOR SIGNAL SIMULATOR BYPASS KIT. com O2 Simulator Dodge Challenger Charger High Performance Cel Fix. 0L 0258027029 234-5054 4. Jeep: 1999 Jeep Wrangler o2 Sensor, technical service bulletins, jeep wrangler 1999-2000 California Jeep 4. Variety of 4 wire oxygen sensor wiring diagram. Don’t settle for less than the best. We believe this is the most intelligent oxygen sensor simulator available, that’s why we named it the iO2. This unit eliminates 5 or 6-wire wideband oxygen sensors only. Graphing the output on an OBDII scanner shows an erratic curve with varying amplitude and frequency. Where is the relay/fuse for the circuit wiring to the oxygen sensor heater. Summit Racing® oxygen sensor extension harnesses are a must with full-length headers and other specific applications. Please read the HG Garage Terms and Conditions first. New Cap, Rotor, distributor from a 94+ XJ, TPS, IAC, throttle body cleaned, coolant sensors, O2 sensor, even new fuel pump and strainer Tires are in good shape, I have driven to New Orleans and Texas on multiple occasions. The O2 sim has an output signal wire that will replace the O2 sensor's signal wire to the engine control module. which registers the efficiency of the cat. This bypass is for your downstream O2 sensor when you have the P0420 that just won’t go away. here are thedetails brother. When trouble code P0138 is set, this indicates that there is a high voltage (steadily above . com. This is NOT a 100% Guarentee fix for every vehicle. com what year jeep is it? is that just the front o2 sensor? what i need is the rear sensor. At NTK, O2 sensors are individually tested to maximize quality and reliability. So it will trick te computer into thinking that there is a cat installed. Now, with the cat removed, the check engine light will be off and no error message will be logged. Oxygen sensor eliminators have been the best way to make the engine more efficient, and this revolutionary Car Truck SUV O2 sensor simulator /is intended to cure Oxygen sensor related check engine light trouble codes/ is no different. 2015 Nissan Murano. Your Price: $34. Explore the line of Lexus luxury sedans, SUVs, hybrids, performance cars and accessories, or find a Lexus dealer near you. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 1. 90. Plus selling it with an O2 sensor simulator could also get you in trouble. 2TD - 3X e-lockers, winch, factory fridge, 285/75/16E Duratracs, ICON Stage 1 3" lift, GTurbo Grunter Extreme Sensor Function Digital Thermometer Sale Checkout for Sensor Function Digital Thermometer . I just replaced the engine, and a 9 year old cat back system on a 99 S10 4. Is anyone running an o2 simulator, if so what's the brand and your thoughts on it? Backstory: Just got the 98 TJ 4. Buy online and pick up in store, or get fast, free delivery on qualified orders. The upstream O2 sensor before the Catalytic Converter is used for feed back to the engine about the Air Fuel ratio, it produces a better A/F mixture, for more mileage, power and less pollution. See full list on magnumtuning. Automotive-leader 11787589121 Upstream O2 Oxygen Sensor 1 Fit for 2012-2016 BMW F20 125i F30 F35 328i X1 Z4 E84 X3 F25 2. Wouldnt get a simulator. Oxygen Sensor Spacers & Isolators. This Mini Cat O2 Sensor CEL FIX Works On The Same Principal as Your Larger Catalytic Converter Your Noxious Exhaust Gases are Oxidated and Converted By Passing Thru a Three Way Ceramic HoneyComb Element Coated with Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium. 7L 6 in this video i try to make an o2 simulator that i came across on a ford forum. 0L O2 Oxygen Sensor (Cred for the ones that posted these sites on here, thought I reiterate it here) Hopefully this clears the confusion of replacing the O2 sensors for the TJs. Brand New I have a 96 Ram 1500 and custom dual exhaust with 2 high flow cats, but I am thinking of taking them off to gain some power and sound. o2 sensors fluctuate from . leave the heater circuit of the o2 sensor hooked up and still put the o2 sensor in the pipe, then just hook the simulator up to the signal wires. They are almost al All four of my oxygen sensor connectors are flat 4 wire. By MickyT in forum Jeep JK Wrangler the passion I have for Jeeps and the Jeep way Testing the oxygen sensor (commonly referred to as O2 sensors) on your Ford 4. The computer then uses this information to adjust your air/fuel mixture. Wireless Outdoor Remote $14. When adding Long-Tube Headers and Aftermarket Mid-Pipes that eliminate the OEM Catalytic Converters, it is common to throw a Check Engine Light #16 • Mar 19, 2012 You can use an O2 simulator to replace your existing sensors. A bad or failing oxygen sensor will have a negative impact on environmental emissions and engine performance, so there are a 3 things to watch out for before your oxygen sensor completely fails. When the O2 sensor is cold it has infinite resistance. The O2 simulator is a plug-in replacement for the secondary O2 sensor that will provide the PCM with a signal that emulates a healthy cat for testing and off-road purposes. If your '99 is a Cali. This includes all vehicles, even Chrysler,Jeep and Dodge products. Ideally you will want to do a dyno tune to optimize the set up. Jeep Compatible O2 Oxygen Sensor Lamba Simulator Emulator Bypass P0420 Delete. It determines the amount of oxygen in the gases, which indicates how well the fuel is being burned. You dont want any sensor giving false info. if you go for this i would probly get some kind of sealant to make it water tight after it is on a jeep Your Deliver 9 is starving for race-inspired horsepower? We sell first-rate LDV diesel o2 sensor simulators. 5 & only 2 years old and has a High flow cat and high flow K2 muffler but the cat has no O2 sensor and my 1996 has the rear O2 sensor in the rear of the stock cat Here is a quick video I made on how you can test an Oxygen Sensor and also what different types of sensors are out there and whats the job of each wire on th An ECM in full control (O2 sensor cycling) is said to be in close loop because of the close-circuit action of O2 sensor-to ECM-to injector pulse control then to O2 sensor and back to the ECM. Even after all these years it still surprises me that the heater can get the O2 to 600 degrees all by itself!! Paragraph 3 & 4: Since I never mucked with a O2 simulator I really dunno how they are wired. The most common configuration for modern cars is 4 wires. Then wire up the o2 simulator as described in the instrutions that come with it (red to +12v, black to o2 sensor ground, and white to sensor output). You can have your tuner take out the Cat code (P0420) so the check engine light wont come on with an aftermarket downpipe And yes, the precat o2 is very important. Get the best deals for o2 sensor simulator at eBay. com. Asked by Visitor in Hillsboro, OR on . 5L 4 Cylinder Engine & 84-86 Cheokree XJ with GM 2. You will need to have the ability to modify your fuel tables though. If you have 4 wires they will be: " Heater 12 Volts + " Heater ground " Oxygen sensor signal + " Oxygen sensor signal ground Jk O2 Sensor Eliminator "Magnum EZ CEL FIX Oxygen sensor simulator 07-11 model. The Jeep registered trademark is property of DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Oxygen sensors work by producing their own voltage when they get hot (approximately 600°F). Your engine’s computer uses this data to help figure out the current air/fuel ratio, which allows it to maintain fuel efficiency and emissions standards. 1 - . I figure I will have some problems with the after cat O2 sensor, does anyone know where I can get an O2 simulator so my truck will still run right? I havn't found any that would definitely work on my truck. 95 Installation. ALWAYS follow these tips when installing O2 sensors! These oxygen sensors are very expensive, sensitive, and have to be handled with care. Get NTK Oxygen Sensors from Summit Racing now! by Alibaster Smith The O2 sensor in your vehicle monitors the exhaust gases coming out of the engine. com. Crow318 Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 2/11/2005 07:32:27: RE: DIY o2 simulators IP: Logged Message: This will work for any o2 sensor, but you may need to change the resistor size based on The vehicle’s 02 sensor is used to measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and report this feedback to your vehicle’s computer. I asked a guy at a local parts shop if there was anyway to bypass this O2 sensor, and he said to look for an O2 Eliminator. 99 OMIX Oxygen Sensor for 01-11 Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK & Wrangler Unlimited JK, 01-10 Grand Cherokee WJ & WK, 06-10 Commander XK & 04-11 Liberty KJ & KK Find used cars and new cars for sale at Autotrader. Fix the root of the problem and just put a new cat on. does anyone know anything about an o2 sensor simulator for 99 tjs with a 4. But it will work on any downstream o2 sensor that is a 4 wire and generally reads between . Plastic/Metal Construction. See full list on autozone. will have a downstream O2 sensor after Oxygen sensor. '93 Toyota LandCruiser VX Ltd 4. Therefore, the downstream oxygen sensor (sensor 2) should produce a steady voltage of approximately 0. Since oxygen sensor are not cheap and sometimes the PCM (Powertrain Control Module = Fuel Injection Computer) accuses them of being bad when they aren't, testing them (to make sure they're really bad) is a good idea and this article will help you. May be . An inexpensive, simple mechanical model of a fault can be produced to simulate the effects leading to an earthquake. W. For the back one, google "O2 sensor simulator". Your Deliver 9 is starving for race-inspired horsepower? We sell first-rate LDV diesel o2 sensor simulators. Answer, YES! as long as you are using a low band O2 sensor as the input (every vehicle uses a low band for the rear O2 sensor) and the output is simulating a low band O2. 9 volts) for more than 10 seconds indicating a lack of oxygen in the exhaust stream and an abundance of fuel at sensor 2 on the bank 1 of the wire by testing. You can't bypass the oxygen sensor with a resistor. The sensor measures the oxygen content of the exhaust gases and compares it to the oxygen proportion in ambient air, and sends information on the gases to the engine computer. 1L Engine O2 Sensor Signal Simulator Bypass For Ford Mustang 4. Tools. If you get a new Bosch sensor from the parts store, it comes with a threaded sensor and the flange that matches the one Toyota uses- you could just have the shop weld that in, or get a real bung for it. Exhaust gas is controlled through 2 to up to 4 air fuel sensors. O2 Spacer and Isolator Installation & Information. Utilizing light mechanical skills, you should be able to install this sensor CEL fix in just 30 minutes. 1972-01-01. Wait for the check engine light to come on. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Every electronic sensor on the motor has been replaced in the last 1500 miles (6 months). A popular alteration is to decat the exhaust or install an aftermarket header, to unlock the performance potential. High Performance combined with High capacity to effectively remove p0430 / p0430 cels. The rear o2 sensor isn't super critical, at most it will help determine if the cat is bad or not. 0. If the output is less than 95% it throws the P0420 code. Mini cat for O2 sensor bung, straight 130 10 10 012. 26 $ 63 . The rear o2 sensors are there to check that the rest of the system is operating properly, mainly the front 02s and the fuel inj. 5L 5sp Engine DTC: P0450 (Evap Emission System Leak [very small leak]) C. 9 volts. Wireless Outdoor Remote $14. The O2 Sensor Simulator will help get rid of a check engine light after modifying your exhaust or removing your catalytic converter for off road or track use vehicles, and when installing high-flow catalytic converters This will work to simulate a wave pattern that the engine computer expects to see from the oxygen sensor. E. Then there is the Catalytic Converters themselves that combine the combustion byproducts faster and reduces the pollution. 2006 Lexus GX 470 Sport - RR Diff Lock, Metal Tech Sliders, RCI Aluminum Skids, Front Runner Slimline II Rack, SCS F5s, 255/80R17 ST Maxx , OME BP-51s, Dirt King UCAs, Metal Tech RR Lower Links MIL Eliminator 's / CEL Eliminator 's / O2 Sensor Simulators Discontinued Please call 602-776-6885 so we may help you find a Catalytic Converter for your application. I’m still intermittently getting just the P0430 code (maybe once every 20 minutes). Be careful tho Our cars are super sensitive to the o2 sensor circuits, even tho it should not my rear o2 sensor was affecting front o2 sensor readings it was quite strange Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 2) What the P0158 code means. 0L 96-04 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Sensor Function Digital Thermometer Sale Checkout for Sensor Function Digital Thermometer . 8L Engine $52. A wiring diagram is a streamlined standard pictorial depiction of an electrical circuit. 34. Product Details. Connect the electrical wiring to the dummy sensor. L. 26 17-32 of 122 results for "O2 Sensor Simulator" Oxygen O2 Sensor Wire for 2014-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Dodge Durango Challenger Viper 2. Related: o2 sensor eliminator o2 sensor bypass simulator o2 sensor simulator toyota o2 sensor delete o2 sensor simulator jeep o2 sensor simulator gm o2 sensor simulator bmw o2 sensor simulator 90 o2 sensor spacer o2 sensor simulator chevy oxygen sensor simulator Automotive-leader 234-4142 15257 Oxygen Sensor Downstream O2 Sensor 2 Bank 1 for 1996 1997 1998 Mazda MPV ES LX DX 3. 1996 Toyota 4runner Engine Diagram Filter Wiring Diagrams Path Overall Youruralnet It. If you like to tinker with your car, or add performance parts to increase horsepower, such as a larger throttle body, nitrous or even headers, the O2 sensor will likely tell the ECU the engine is producing too much pollution and the "Check Engine" light will illuminate. With millions of cars, finding your next new car or used car and the car reviews and information you're looking for is easy at Autotrader. 0L V6 RWD. The ECM must be in control at all times except during warm up, WOT, power enrichment, and deceleration mode. 3 4X4 PU. Turns out the dyno operator had plugged the rear sensor connector to the sensor and left the front connector dangling. 7L or 6. This oxygen sensor is located behind the catalytic converter. I'd get the downstream sensor installed to fix the CEL. I clear the code and watch the O2 sensor live on my ODB scanner/bluetooth app – the Bank 1 sensor 2 stays around . as long as the O2 sensor sees the heat then it wont throw the code. 2L 6 Cylinder Engine, 81-82 CJ Series with GM 2. Mini cat for O2 sensor bung, straight 130 10 10 012. 45 volts. 9 volts depedning on a/f mixture. The function of the Oxygen Sensor Simulator or O2 Sim is to mimic the signal of an O2 sensor sensing the proper levels of emissions. 3 out of 5 stars 38. Thanks to all for posting the on the cheap fix. 34 $ 105. Oxygen sensors are part of the vehicle's emissions control system and it may or may not be legal to replace the O2 sensor with a dummy sensor. to/2owraT9If you have an OBDII vehicle (1996 or later), and you have bad catalytic converters or don't have any General Technologies Corp GTC ST05 Oxygen Sensor Tester and Simulator. o2 sensor simulator M18 O2 Sensor Spacer Mechanical Simulator 304 Stainless Steel 45mm Long - Pack of 10 Retail: $129. 4. $105. FREE shipping. i would think if you remove the cat but put the sensor in it would still have "check engine" codes for a faulty cat. E-mail bdholsin@excite. Save chevy oxygen sensor simulator to get e-mail alerts and updates on your Oxygen O2 Sensor Extension 24" Wiring Harness GM Chevy TPI TBI 350 305 Jeep. The O2 Sensor Simulator will help get rid of a check engine light after modifying your exhaust or removing your catalytic converter for off road or track use vehicles, and when installing high-flow catalytic converters This will work to simulate a wave pattern that the engine computer expects to see from the oxygen sensor. Pre The catalytic converter's performance is measured by the secondary Oxygen sensor. Get these O2 sensor spacers here! http://amzn. Shop online today! Jk O2 Sensor Eliminator "Magnum EZ CEL FIX Oxygen sensor simulator 07-11 model Welcome to WAYALIFE!! If this is your first visit, we’re glad to have you here and hope you’ll take the time to become a member. It then relays this information to the ECU to adjust the fuel mixture. It reveals the components of the circuit as streamlined forms, and also the power as well as signal links between the tools. Oxygen sensors have been designed to measure the efficiency of the catalytic converter. so you can decide whether it’s worth the risk. Jeep oxygen sensor simulator will allow you to drive without catalyst and still keep the warning light off. OMIX Oxygen Sensor for 87-90 Jeep Wrangler YJ with 4. Thanks. Second, screw back in the O2 Simulator, then screw in the oxygen sensor, reconnect the oxygen sensor, thats it your done. O2 simulator is very illegal and there’s some hefty fines if you get caught. . '97 Jeep Wrangler SE 2. As fuel injection evolved, so did the oxygen sensor. Rear Sensor Simulator Electronics Rear Sensor Simulator Rear O2 Sensor Simulators are used in off road/racing vehicles to prevent the check engine light from illuminating and to prevent an ECU code from tripping (P-0420 and/or P-0430) when the catalytic converter(s) are removed for off road/racing use. Guyton, J. By installing this part, your Jeep’s engine gets accurate exhaust gas data, from which it can maintain clean, efficient running of the engine and the lowest possible exhaust emissions. Powersports. January 13, 2021. I installed the un-modified non-foulers into the O2 sensor bungs on the exhaust using never-seeze on the threads, I then lightly packed the non fouler Since the O2 sensor signal is basically a AC low voltage circuit the 470uf Cap will take much longer the charge that a 1uf cap would. Summit Racing carries NTK Oxygen Sensors with wiring configurations ranging from 1-5, and for every critical O2 sensor location in your vehicle. magnum adjustable o2 / oxygen sensor simulator - eliminator its cheap and adjustable and the wires match up with the 4 wires coming out of your rear oxygen sensor, grey black white white. FREE shipping. Install the dummy O2 sensor (also called an O2 sensor simulator) by turning it clockwise into the exhaust just as though you were installing a regular O2 sensor. 0L 3. . The O2 Simulator simply screws into your existing exhaust pipe using the same thread port where your post cat sensor is located. Do you occasionally get code P0420 - catalytic converter low efficiency? This $3 electrical circuit may fix the problem permanently by electrically smoothin If your Jeep Cherokee has wideband exhaust oxygen sensors, the ultimate solution is to wire up wide-band O2 sensor simulator to the exhaust o2 sensor’s harness to simulate a properly functioning air fuel sensor. if anyone else is wanting to try this mod, I used 4 Help! # 42002 Spark plug non-foulers, 2 of them I drilled with a 31/64 drill bit, and the other 2 I did not modify. Application. 0 this month. Oxygen Sensor Plugs, Hex Head, Steel, Zinc Finish, 18mm x 1. The sensor can have 2, 3 or 4 wires (some can have 5 or 6- these are rare), and you have to know which one is the signal wire. Use only a URD O2 Sensor Simulator on these vehicles to avoid poor performance, drivability issues and poor MPG. Get the right auto parts, right now at CarParts. 7 engine code p0038(o2 sensor 1/2 heater circuit high) (first one to come up after clearing the pcm, already replace all sensors, check all wiring, gas pressure, but RPMs continue to drop as low as 300 and some times shut off when stop Re: How-To: Install An O2 Sensor Non Fouler to Eliminate a Check Engine Light with Pi Hi Guys. Lower the vehicle to the ground and start the engine. Sensor uses all 4 wires. The upstream sensor is the important one. Magnum brand stands alone when performance is what you are after. This model has been used successfully with students from elementary to college levels and can be demonstrated to classes as large Your oxygen sensor, sometimes called an O2 sensor or air-fuel ratio sensor, measures the oxygen level in your exhaust gases. Has anyone heard of this an dknow where I can buy one. an O2 sensor simulator wired up to the aftercat air fuel sensor's harness in order to. It runs great with out it but the CEL is on and I need to get better gas mileage. 95 Sale Price: $100. Find Parts and Accessories o2 sensor simulator KEYWORD and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Jeep. 6L 5. By figuring out what voltage output the rear 02 puts out when all is working right-all that's required is to supply that voltage back to the computer. Part Number: VPE-11195 Not Yet Reviewed I was told that there is a bypass? for the O2 sensor if you don't have a cat on the truck anymore. O2 Simulator used in alot of performance projects, made of T304 Stainless steel which prevents rusting inside and outside. i solder it together install it on my truck and see if it works watch to find Fault-Mechanism Simulator. 4L car (pick up, SUV) is not that hard to do. Ground, 5 volt sensor input, sensor output, and heater. 99 OMIX Knock Sensor for 07-11 Jeep Wrangler JK with 3. 6L & 5. , it will have two cats and an A/F sensor before the first cat, but both 49-state and Cali. . com A new Jeep Oxygen Sensor Simulator is an easy-to-install part and will make your Car Truck SUV better than before. ECU in the ST is pretty dam smart. 1 and . 1-14 of 14 Results. 2005 jeep liberty 3. Welcome to Lexus; official site. The primary use of the spacer and or isolator is to take your O2 sensor out of the exhaust stream so that your O2 sensor senses less oxygen in the exhaust pipe. Over 50 million car parts delivered from your favorite discount auto parts store. 55 going up and down slightly as I drive. The P0158 trouble code appears when the sensor has remained at a high voltage for too long. 99. I am told I need to replace the Bank 1 Rear O2 sensor. Evolving from a one-wire sensor that grounded through the outer case, to a four-wire sensor that grounds externally and a built in heater help the sensor perform properly when cold. 00. Paint, & Body from what i read online you can run a test pipe and it still wont throw the code. I let it sit around and long story short it got thown away. Just to be 100% in a couple of days post it up if your light has or hasn't come on yet. Installation is easy, first disconnect the oxygen sensor and unscrew it. To replace oxygen o2 sensor front 2001 toyota tacoma 2 4 how make your own rear simulator 1989 pickup 22 re the downstram wiring color help sensorplease p0031 and p0051 codes check engine wire harness ripped in 1 diagram 1996 fuel pump or test 2000 honda civic fuse location 1997 diagnosing heater circuit So long as you have room to add one (angle of the O2 sensor bung, clearance, etc), they are a cheap easy fix, and if it doesn't work for you then you're only out $5 and some time. Crawled under and either the PO or PPO removed the cat and o2 sensor bung. Prosport's Mini Cat 02 Sensor CEL Fix 90 Degree is made to fit all 1997-2018 Jeep Wrangler models. You definitely do need the front one. Didn't see a cel upon start up and noticed a rich smell. Items per Page. by Alibaster Smith Bypassing an oxygen sensor--also called an O2 sensor--can only be done using a dummy O2 sensor. 8L 6 Cylinder Engine & 05-10 Grand Cherokee WK with 5. When I did my exaust, I took the cat off including the downstream O2 sensor. That is what tells the ECU your AFR and adjusts accordingly from that. These extension harness sets feature a direct plug-in design to prevent the cutting and lengthening of oxygen sensor wires, along with high-temperature sleeving to help protect the wires from heat. $18. If your ride starts running rough, you may need to clean or replace this important sensor. The reason for this post is I bought a second hand exhaust system from a 93 XJ that had a stroker engine The exhaust system is 2. 5 out of 5 stars 8 $63. 99. You can leave your existing o2 sensor heater wires hooked up to prevent the bad o2 sensor heater code from being thrown. The O2 sensor helps to ensure proper pollution levels are maintained. This simulator is more like a capacitive voltage divider. Depends whether your state requires inspections, etc. The iO2 was originally developed as tool to aid in the diagnosis of catalytic converter and oxygen sensor fault codes. BMW E46 M3 Rear Manifold Oxygen Sensor O2 Post Cat W/ Simulator Oem 2001-2006. Also, does it work good? I have a 1994 k1500 with 350ci Thanks Get the best deals for o2 sensor bypass at eBay. Shop AutoZone for 2006 Jeep Wrangler Oxygen Sensor. When I was coming back from the dyno I got a check engine light. 19021 / 11622 Vibrant O2 Sensor Restrictor Fitting w/ Adjustable Jets- Check Engine Light Eliminator. Magnum brand stands alone when performance is what you are after. 5 Male Threads, Set of 100. 0L 3. the switching frequency may also need to lag the front O2 The oxygen sensor transmits the data to the vehicle’s PCM to maintain the optimal air to fuel ratio for your engine. The O2 sensor is mounted in the exhaust stream, usually with one sensor not far from the exhaust manifold and one farther down after the catalytic converter. The rear O2 sensor can't have a identical swing in voltage as the front sensor. See full list on magnumtuning. The oxygen sensor, or 02 sensor, measures the amount of oxygen in your vehicle’s exhaust gases. Compatible with FORD * JEEP * CHRYSLER * DODGE * Unlimited Rider O2 Oxygen Sensor Open Loop Controller Signal Simulator Pigtail Wiring Harness For Ford Mustang Jeep Compatible O2 Oxygen Sensor Lamba Simulator Emulator Bypass P0420 Delete 1 product rating - Automotive Oxygen Sensor Tester Simulator Zirconia Titania Welcome to the 21st century of o2 simulators…. The O2 sensor then sends information to the electronic control unit, or ECU, the vehicle's computer. If the second one is missing, and no P0420 or P0141 codes are set, then odds are there is a simulator box somewhere wired in to fool the ECM into thinking there is a working downstream sensor. . It needs to fluctuate voltage and send that signal back to the computer so the engine can keep the air/fuel ratio in the correct range. If there is too much oxygen in the exhaust, the fuel mixture is too lean, but too little oxygen indicates a rich fuel mixture. Condition is New. ERIC Educational Resources Information Center. Related:o2 sensor simulator o2 sensor simulator chevy o2 sensor simulator ford o2 sensor simulator jeep o2 sensor simulator chevy silverado o2 sensor simulator dodge o2 sensor simulator honda o2 sensor simulator nissan o2 sensor simulator toyota o2 sensor simulator gmc o2 sensor eliminator jeep - gymgeartrade. FREE Shipping by Amazon. com with the subject line o2 Simulator. 6L, 5. Economically priced to fit most budgets and still provide QUALITY, you do not want rust build up inside your O2 Simulator especially near the oxygen sensors tip. For anyone who is interested in an O2 sensor simulator I have an extra one that has never been used. 2L 3. 4L 3. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Omix-ADA produces this Oxygen Sensor to replace a broken or malfunctioning sensor in the after-cat, right side locati Replacement Jeep O2 Sensor. The cel bulb was burned out so I replaced it and it showed a p0138. com Feb I replaced my O2 sensor (Bank 2 sensor 2) for this code as it was $20. 00 $ 18. Codes: P0138 (O2 Circuit High Voltage), P0141 (Heater Circuit) Already replace O2 sensor and cleare … read more OMIX Oxygen Sensor for 01-11 Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK & Wrangler Unlimited JK, 01-10 Grand Cherokee WJ & WK, 06-10 Commander XK & 04-11 Liberty KJ & KK $86. o2 sensor simulator jeep