kdp proof copies After you submit your book for publication on KDP, we’ll check your files for quality issues. Reply The announcement states that LATER ON authors will be able to order proof copies and wholesale copies at cost; that’s a feature they’ve been able to enjoy at CreateSpace all along. The proof copies of the paperbacks of my books just arrived, and are looking good thankfully! I'll be on your bookshelves soon! TIP: On KDP, order a proof copy in one finish; change the setting and then order a proof copy in the other. There’s nothing like feeling and seeing the actual product to help you decide. 77 USD. A. Author: Royalties-how they are computed: How Amazon calculates royalties for eBook and paperback sales, delivery costs for eBooks, and calculations for books on sale. It looked no better than standard home Say your local printer charges you $4. Actually, it surpasses it. You can easily go through them, pinpoint the mistakes, and finalize the book---all with no additional cost. I’ve heard KDP wants proof of quality/damage, so that’s not unusual. There is a $1 fee per ticket after the first 5 ticket copies. 89 x 2 copies + $8. Click submit. When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the printing costs plus shipping and applicable taxes. " 8 Publishing with KDP Print Sleeping Cat Books https://sleepingcatbooks. Learn more here. But what you want before approving your book for sale is a chance to see if there are any mistakes, so to me that is not an issue. These will have a gray bar across the cover indicating it is a proof copy, not for resale, and not have an ISBN code on the back. So why not join me in this course today and discover just why Paperback Publishing should be the next step in your self-publishing career. 88. Jason Cipriano, a self-published author in Bakersfield, California, known to his readers as J. Of course, there’s a lot of great blog posts out there, but as you compare one author’s experience with the [Read More] Amazon confirm that proof copies and author orders for authors in Canada will still be printed and shipped from the US. See full list on chrismcmullen. By JH Jones, August 1, 2019 in General Discussion. There are a ton of ways to self-publish, but Amazon seemed the most straight-forward and farthest reaching without hiring a marketing team. Preview both files on their digital previewer, which they provide, to make sure it all looks good. KDP Print Now Provides Proof and Author Copies. Follow me on Social Media:Instagram: https://www. You can get more details on printing and distributing paperbacks here on the Amazon. Fast. Let us assume that you have written in English. Amazon’s KDP platform is the place to publish your new paperback books, not Createspace (the company merged with KDP in 2018). Author copies are pretty important for selling at appearances and local bookstores, for giving away as prizes, for putting your writing in the hands of people who don't like e-books or online shopping, for getting more honest reviews, etc. Although KDP doesn’t yet offer author copies, proof copies, or expanded distribution, we will be adding those features in the future. Learn all about proof copies of your paperback book. Submitting your books to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)(step by step) STEP 3. With Ingram, my book was already in distribution, and when I ordered a copy of my book, I thought I was getting a proof, but it was really an author copy . com I am guessing what you mean by print is “publish,” since the ebook and paperback version of a book appear together on your Amazon KDP dashboard. Amazon further states expanded distribution, also available only through CreateSpace, will soon be a KDP Print feature. Amazon’s Kindle E-reader. Using the file explorer find the book file (it will be in the main Kindle directory) and copy it (press and hold the icon until the sub­menu pops up) Go to the “Books” folder Paste the file (with ES Explorer you will need to select “Operations,” then hit paste) Power Kindle Fire off and back on KDP print didn’t have much working in their favor including no proof or wholesale copies, no distribution to Amazon Mexico and Canada, and no expanded distribution. KDP gives you the option of ordering up to five proof copies. ’ Gumroad vs. 4. I did not tell the KDP customer service operator what I had done. I like the royalties KDP offers and I like the opportunities afforded by Ingram to print hardback books and be attractive to bookstores and libraries. Ugh. ” You author copies will not have this. We’re with you every step of the way. amazon. CreateSpace (and KDP Print) are authorized resellers of ISBNs (as is IngramSpark). 99 for the first week or so to solicit reviews at this lower price, buy a copy and at the same time earn your first royalties. Purchase 1 ISBN for $99 in the name of your imprint. If you’re not happy with your proof, go back to KDP and tweak your settings then order a fresh proof. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Ages ago, you could do the unthinkable and hold a paperback copy of your book in hand weeks, or even months, prior to its release. Amazon most likely uses game theory to determine which plant and which shipping method to use. Hey guys, I'm trying to order a proof copy of my book from KDP Amazon but I can't seem to be able to ship it to Canada. The good news about using Amazon KDP Print to produce your ARC is that it is fast and cheap. 99 retail costs $4. KDP does not but it is possible to publish at a low price, order a ‘proof’ copy and then increase the price. 69 (economy service takes up to 5 days to print the book) + $1. (Please don’t skip this part, no matter how excited you are about publishing your book. KDP Print is now offering Expanded Distribution for self-published paperbacks to bookstores, online retailers and distributors in the US. It lists print books alongside their Kindle versions on Amazon itself and makes the whole process painless. Make any changes by repeating the steps above, and when you are happy with the printed proof copy, you can select “Publish Your Paperback Book” and it will go live!!! KDP Print: 36 days. I don’t like the “bottom line” focus on author copies. CreateSpace proofs had the word 'proof' on the back page. Ordering a proof is a good indicator to ensure that you are printing the right file. I will also set up your book with KDP Select or help you in going wide depending on your strategy. Proofs and advance review copies are printed for publishers, reviewers, and select magazines and bookstores as sneak previews of soon to be available books. Contents How can I order author copies? About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators If you want to send out copies for reading, you can also send Kindle ebooks, which would probably work out a little more cost-effective than physical books. Can I scan in the cover and save it as a PDF and use it for the KDP print cover? What happens about a spine? I don't sell enough copies to warrant spending money on a cover artist or a new cover. KDP Print puts a band on the covers that says “Not for Resale. See full list on birdsofafeatherpress. Unlike CreateSpace, KDP proof and author copies for the UK and the rest of Europe are printed and shipped from within Europe. Please consider implementing these features for KDP. $9. (2) At the end of the KDP certification period, a person may reapply for continued KDP eligibility. The KDP Paperback Advantage: Keyword Slots On Day 5 of the launch, I sold 155 copies of my book, and the day after that I sold an additional 97 copies before increasing the price to $2. To have text on a paperback spine, the spine must be adequately thick to hold text and leave wiggle room for variations in print. COVER PROOF COPIES. Get your book as close to typo free and as perfect as possible before you order the first proof. Your KDP-distributed paperback sales for the same book on Amazon. Unlike CreateSpace, KDP proof and author copies for the UK and the rest of Europe are printed and shipped from within Europe. Also, a note for Australian authors. 7. What is that all about? Createspace knew that we often use these proof copies for resale at our local promotions. 99 (shipping) = $20. Although KDP doesn’t yet offer author copies, proof copies, or expanded distribution, we will be adding those features in the future. Review both proof copies and make any corrections necessary no later than 10 days prior to release date. Every page of the copy was "miscut" with uneven white margins (pages are black in background). Amazon plans to offer these features at an indefinite time in the future, but at present, the lack of print proofs and author copies without markup are serious shortcomings for KDP Paperbacks. This looks like another step in the very gradual process of KDP Print taking over as Amazon’s self-publishing department for print books from CreateSpace, which has featured Expanded Distribution for several years. • A paperback published via Amazon KDP cannot be later The proof copies of the paperbacks of my books just arrived, and are looking good thankfully! I'll be on your bookshelves soon! Use a free ISBN from Amazon KDP or buy your own. We will also deduct any fees from the price of our services you end up paying for an additional proof copy as a result of our mistake. And a single copy? That could exceed $100. They come with a big “PROOF” label on the cover, so they are not copies you could sell. [ citation needed ] However, trusted colleagues are occasionally offered electronic advance reading copies, especially if the publisher wishes to quickly typeset a page or two of Request Proof Copies. You can order a proof, but it’s not mandatory. epub instead, if your book format is very simple and you don’t care about details like your interior title page image, you can 100% upload Microsoft Word docs to the KDP backend. Order a proof copy and once you’re satisfied with how your hardcover proof copy looks, you can approve your book in your Lulu account (under “My Projects”). (To be clear, this is just for PROOF copies. Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon. The biggest problem with KDP Print is all of your proof copies are going to have this atrocious “Not for Resale” graphic on them: This is fine for getting a feel for your book, or for doing what you’re supposed to do with a “proof” anyway – proofread. This isn’t a big deal, but KDP prints a big line across the front and back cover of proof copies. ALLi Says: It’s very convenient for authors to publish print and ebooks through one dashboard. There seems to be a lack of information out there about how the new Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform works compared to the ‘old’ Createspace. Browse Categories; Look Inside the Book; Customer Reviews; Amazon Search Results; Linking Your eBook and Paperback; Sales Ranking; Marketing & Promotion. Learn more HERE. They even come with a giant Proof label on top so that you know these copies are not for sale. We authors PAY FULL PRICE for those copies and you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to place your objectionable additions to our covers. Amazon is a search engine. One of the aspects that makes IngramSpark such a popular choice among indie authors is the fact that it also provides affordable access to Ingram Book Group’s (IBG) global distribution network for print and ebooks — and at the moment, IBG is the largest book distributor and wholesaler in KDP Print rolls out full launch of proof and author copies of paperbacks at wholesale prices It’s the end of Kindle Worlds as we know it Amazon boss Jeff Bezos reveals over 1,000 indie authors earned more than $100K through KDP in 2017 In addition, you can use the KDP website in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Dutch. Although many Roman sculptures are purely Roman in their conception, others are carefully measured, exact copies of Greek statues, or variants of Greek prototypes The answer by Summerita Rhayne is correct. But of course it isn't as simple as dollars and cents. So here we are. CreateSpace shutdown aftermath: KDP Print key differences. JH Jones 6 Posted August 1, 2019. Amazon’s KDP Print will now provide self-published authors with the option of purchasing a proof of their book before it goes on sale for the public. This encouraged me to purchase further copies and again I have sold/ given away a further 10 copies. Note, however, that the process is a bit more cumbersome than the one CreateSpace uses. What I do is view the proof online, approve it and order two copies. UPDATE (February 2, 2018): KDP Print Now Provides Proof and Author Copies. Get paid in AU dollars into your bank account. Unlike CreateSpace, KDP proof and author copies for the UK and the rest of Europe are printed and shipped from within Europe. Accept eProof (digital proof) and enable distribution Order your physical proof copy from IngramSpark and make sure to also order a copy from KDP Print at the same time, so you can review both at the same time. Go to KDP. When I went through my changes with KDP initially, they wanted an author name on the cover, so I tucked in “Presented by Barbara Custer” in small letters. Back when Amazon introduced KDP Print (beta) as an alternative to CreateSpace back in early 2017, there were many missing features and bugs, so CreateSpace was more "stable" choice for a while. Learn more here. whereby author copies to proof or sell directly ordered through KDP are shipped locally, which is quicker and cheaper. Once you receive and approve your proof, approve the proof on CreateSpace. However, there was a downside to moving away from Createspace towards KDP paperback publishing – unlike Createspace, KDP paperback publishing didn’t allow authors to order proof copies or author copies (i. The 2020 Guide to Amazon Fees and Royalties for Kindle eBooks and KDP Print: Marketing: Kindle Countdown Deals DIY Templates are fully customizable designs. The original cover was approved in their system viewer. We both were AMAZED to see, stamped across the cover image, a bar stating NOT FOR RESALE. You can easily publish a paperback of that book. When requesting the proof copy of the book, Amazon. 00 per copy. You don’t have to pay anything upfront per se, but Lulu require you to purchase a proof copy of your books (at cost price) and approve it before they let you publish. You pay nothing to Amazon, though there will be some costs involved in preparing properly. How to get reviews for your books 3. amazon. Congratulations! Galley proofs in electronic form are rarely used as advance reading copies due to the possibility of a recipient editing the proof and issuing it as their own. 00. First you approve the Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon. Copies for the print run will cost a little over $2. We do this for performance and stability reasons, and to enable features such as all-time sales data. Unlike CreateSpace, KDP proof and author copies for the UK and the rest of Europe are printed and shipped from within Europe. Bear in mind, proof copies have a watermark on the cover while wholesale copies are exactly like you’d see in the store. A proof copy you should only need 1 of and it will have a band around the book that says “proof, not for resale. " Data Used in Reports. instagram. KDP Print keeps your book live and then just swaps out the old manuscript with the new once the changes are finalized. Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon. I prefer to order wholesale that way I can gift out the book or sell it as an autographed copy through my email list or site. ) Also, where you can order wholesale author copies or proofs through Createspace, you cannot through KDP paperback. This will increase your book’s visibility within the Amazon store, and works on a Pay Per Click basis, with daily spend budgets starting at just $1. If there are any errors with formatting, IngramSpark will let you know and you’ll have the chance to fix everything before publishing. We will need to publish a few more titles to get a better estimate for how most titles take to upload, but in the meantime, we can share what we encountered with our first title launched on the If you want, you can use AMS via KDP to run an advertisement for a print book. 6. Went to press, then was told the cover did not meet dimension standards. Although KDP doesn’t yet offer author copies, proof copies, or expanded distribution, we will be adding those features in the future. {Note: I have found the quality of published books to be exactly the same as proof copies. When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the printing costs plus shipping and applicable taxes. Below is from the KDP site when going through the motions of making one of my CS paperbacks a print version through the KDP site: KDP Print will provide a free barcode that they add to your cover once you upload it. That includes printing, shipping and file revision fees that may be charged by IngramSpark and Amazon's KDP. Since we have not received a response from you, we are terminating your KDP account and your KDP Agreement effective immediately. } So, I started out ordering one copy of each of my 3 new books. Cipriano, says he has sold 143,000 copies of his novels through KDP — enough for him to leave his KDP Print ISBN options are the same as CreateSpace. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to order a proof copy and an author copy from KDP paperback. You can request proof copies of a paperback book. Other than that, the book will be exactly what your printed book will look like. 2 of them had glue on the pages causing the pages to rip apart. Proof Copies At-cost author copies and proof copies are not currently available through KDP. Since copies in marble lack the tensile strength of bronze, they required struts or supports, which were often carved in the form of tree trunks, figures, or other kinds of images. com on Amazon. The margin that you place for marketplaces will not be included in ordering these books. How much money are they making off proof copies that they reject during phase 2? Alvin, Just stop. Ever since I made the switch from CreateSpace to KDP Print, when I order a proof copy there is a horizontal “Not for Resale” strip running across the front cover, spine, and back cover. KDP gives you the option of ordering up to five proof copies. au, Amazon. If a parking ticket is no longer available online, you can request a copy of the actual ticket through email. Reply Any or all of the following would improve productivity and reduce resource use. We did so and it screwed the cover up. KDP’s print features won’t affect any existing CreateSpace titles unless you choose to republish them on KDP. POD Publishers are a dime a dozen, each with an onslaught of details, numbers, packages and options to consider. The day after my book promotion ended (February 26), my friend Jesse Krieger included my book in his publishing company’s Buck Books promotion. Rule of thumb: KDP always pads the print delivery date. I don’t have double columns like I did with Lulu, and the cover looks different. Reformat your text file, re-setting pages, page numbers, chapter headings, page breaks, fonts, indents, re-positioning illustrations (if any), save in PDF file for your approval, make changes once and submit file to KDP, preview and order proof copies to be sent to you, the author, for approval. Update related to KDP (March 2020): To this point, we’d ordered one proof copy and a further box (of 22 books) for an advanced preview giveaway. Amazon KDP Proof Copy Question Hey there, I'm a writer from Canada and I just self published my first book in paperback format. 3) Both Ingram & Amazon KDP seem to be getting slower in their responsiveness for author copies, proof copies, and general availability. FILTERED COVER PROOF GALLERY. Amazon’s KDP Print will now provide self-published authors with the option of purchasing a proof of their book before it goes on sale for the public. If you have a book and a cover, then uploading it is: Free. Comparing Prices (420 pages; soft cover; matte finish; cream paper; black and white interior; 6 x 9 inches) KDP Print. If you need more information about print copies, please contact the publisher. How and when to schedule your free promotional days through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). On KDP it is possible for an author to use my ‘proof copy’ price reduction method, mentioned above, to buy books for direct sales. But it means paying more money initially. Learn more here. And though they haven’t picked up distribution to the previously mentioned regions, they had opened proof and wholesale copies. Written instructions can be hard to follow and usually manage to skip a few key steps. Numerous changes happened at KDP Print. The statuses “awaiting proof” and “proof review” don’t exist on KDP. 28". Proof v/s author copies: Proof copy is to physically check what the final copy might look like Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon. VitalChek is here to help you order authorized copies of your government-issued divorce certificate quickly and securely. The message also stated writers could purchase author copies. I blogged about this previously. There are minor differences between the title information on CreateSpace and book details on KDP. There was an update about the impact the pandemic was having on KDP but again, there was no mention of proof copies not being available for Canadian customers, simply a message saying, There may be changes in our ability to ship products internationally. That date came and my estimated delivery date was changed to 1/8/2021 by 8pm. KDP Print allows you to order books, including a proof copy, for the cost of printing and shipping. Proof Copies; Author Copies; Manage Orders; Amazon Store & Detail Page. You have to add the book description, book categories, author details, and other information about the book to the platform. After reviewing your project, the final step is to order a proof copy of your book. While proof copies are only between $7 - $10 in cost depending on page count , color use and publisher chosen, you should make as many changes in the master InDesign file after viewing the digital / free copy of your book. A big issue with going this route is losing the ability to purchase author copies, proof copies and there is no longer an expanded distribution option. Note that you can order five copies at a time. KDP Select’s exclusivity does not apply to print editions. My Productivity for Writers proof was printed in Poland. Make any changes to books written in languages KDP doesn’t support. CreateSpace VS KDP Print Guest Post, Self Publisher Services Today’s in-depth comparison of the two major print-on-demand platforms, CreateSpace vs KDP Print, is brought to you by the talented, well-connected (and sassy) Gundi Gabrielle, who is a bestselling author and a blogger of her global traveling adventures. Save it, it is your reference copy in case something goes wrong in the future. Guide you in ordering a proof copy of your book from Amazon KDP to approve before publication. Choose from 3 paper types, single- or double-sided, stapled or loose. Amazon KDP: Paperback Copies. I'm using the original front cover for the ebook. (Example - not to exceed $20. Amazon only offers proofs in paperback black & white. Cons: KDP Print does not allow bookstores to return unsold books. Note, however, that the process is a bit more cumbersome than the one CreateSpace uses. No Required Physical Proof Copy: Another print-on-demand option I looked into required users to purchase a proof copy every single time a manuscript was uploaded. You’ll need to do this for your book to show up on Amazon. Thanks in advance. IngramSpark does not give you an option for proof copies. The publishing process now takes place within KDP itself, and is fully integrated with your KDP dashboard. 00 each—not bad. The pages also seemed quite thin. You can order copies at printing cost from your KDP Bookshelf. Amazon even copies across key elements like metadata to make paperback creation quicker and easier, and the process is mostly seamless. This order will be processed through your Amazon Shopping Cart. With KDP, the proof copy will have a “Not for Resale” watermark on it and a unique barcode. KDP does not print books in India. KDP’s print features won’t affect any existing CreateSpace titles unless you choose to republish them on KDP. Yet KDP didn't do it. 2. Are you curious to see what an Amazon KDP author copy looks like? What's the difference between an author copy and a proof copy? In today's video, I'm going Strange that KDP can print author copies in Canada but don't do it for proofs. it is highly recommended that you order a proof copy and review it thoroughly before approving and Authors will now also need to order proof copies of their book via the Amazon shopping cart, but the site notes: ‘KDP doesn’t currently support paperback distribution to Amazon. 40 tax = $10. IngramSpark: At IngramSpark the process is different. 46 (22% of the list price). Most authors want to (and probably should) sell paperback copies of their book. NOTHING TO FEAR. com or Amazon. Createspace is owned by Amazon, so it seems to make sense to have both publishing options in one place. 40 USD. Amazon KDP can make your work made available to a worldwide Good morning I bought a book (2001) yesterday that says on the back “uncorrected proof copy”. #AuthorLife #SelfPublish #AmazonIn this video, I review the quality of an Amazon proof. At which point, we have to ask, why will Amazon need to keep […] IngramSpark is a publishing platform that provides print on demand (POD) and ebook publishing services. Cost, $2. 🙂 I notice with KDP, there is a push toward just publishing your book. Then, Amazon (KDP) changed things, putting a big ugly PROOF banner across the front of your book. We didn’t have the option to do that at CreateSpace. For copy requests by mail from those paying with a check, leave the dollar amount blank and write a limiting phrase in the "note" portion. Awesome. We also offer a multilingual user interface and customer support in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese. If you’re wanting to order advance paperbacks of your book pre-release, there is another option. Luckily, you have another option. Here's a tip. com 11 Terms & Conditions Proof copy – If you’d like to order a printed proof copy, click the blue link Click here to request a proof copy. They arrive like any other Amazon order. Ideally, you may wish to list your book for $0. The proof of higher printing costs is emails sent from KDP to authors. Sometimes this is a plant on the other side of the country. The fee for certification is another $1 for each document or map. Expanded distribution at KDP now matches CreateSpace. KDP publishing does not offer author copies or the ability to buy at cost for authors. • Createspace allows the author to purchase a proof copy of the book before it is published. Upload your formatted files: interior file and cover file. Then, when I upload to Amazon's KDP Print, the KDP previewer shows the colors getting noticeably muddy and dull. The book signing went okay. Allow 12-24 hours for the book to go live worldwide. Fees for copies are $1 for the first page plus $1 for each additional page per document or map. They come with a big “PROOF” label on the cover, so they are not copies you could sell. KDP: You can order print proofs from KDP before making your book available for purchase—which means you can make any last-minute fixes BEFORE it’s published! And even if you do publish and find a mistake, it’s free to upload a new copy and make the correction. They were see-through. There is a small chance that someone else will order at the low price and/or receive the book with as yet uncorrected mistakes. Amazon KDP offers authors the opportunity to receive a single book proof copy of their book before purchase for free, however you are NOT getting an exact copy of the book you will end up purchasing. The book is in pristine condition,and inside the Dedication and Illustration pages it says - to follow. This Package Includes: Initial phone consultation with client, Copy Editing of Text, Communication with illustrator, Formatting of images, Layout of Book, Creation of CreateSpace (KDP) account, Free ISBN number, creation of proof copy of book, transfer of Createspace (KDP) account to author upon completion, registration of book with all The cost of doing this plus the cost of shipping from America (where these author copies are produced) has become higher since the UK Brexit vote in 2016. want to add kindle e-book creation? check out our book publishing packages, from just $99. No distributor has exclusive rights unless you specifically agree to that. ) Set your pricing. Only the charge for a new physical proof copy. You probably aren’t losing anything. If the book needs a change, I change it and republish. JH Jones. The proof from KDP costs less than Ingram. While I totally don’t recommend doing this, and recommend using Calibre to convert your file to . 80 (basic shipping takes 7-10 business days and is not trackable) + $. If you are self-publishing on Amazon Kindle and wish to publis See full list on birdsofafeatherpress. The only way to get copies of the book is to order them off Amazon. Now Australian authors can be paid royalties from Amazon in AU dollars, direct into an Australian bank account just like US authors have been able to. Proofs allow you to review a physical copy of your draft paperback prior to publication. co. For ten copies, you might pay $25. You can also request a printout of parking ticket transactions. You shouldn’t be worried about CreateSpace merging with KDP. But, even then, that is not the complete answer. Since KDP Select focuses solely on digital distribution, no matter what program you choose, you'll be able to sell and distribute physical copies of your book without interference from Amazon. That's great you found a way to get yours to you though! I'm hoping I can find a way too, or I'll either have to cancel the pre-order (since I do paperback and eBook at the same time) or publish and then immediately order an author copy to make sure it's good lol. After Your Book is Published Understand pricing and royalties on KDP. Click Request Proof Copies. Proof Copies. Amazon is migrating its print services to KDP print from Createspace, so we recommend that authors publish through this Upload to KDP and get a proof. com See full list on rogerpacker. Take your time with your proof copy! Using KDP to Print Books KDP allows you to upload a formatted manuscript to create a print book. The shipping costs about as much as the book, but in a few days you’ll get the hard copy. Lulu is a self-publishing platform that, in many ways, has more publishing options than KDP. KDP Select How To; KDP Select All-Stars; Kindle Countdown Deals; Kindle Unlimited KDP Print Division Now Offers Proof and Author Copies It appears Amazon is serious about recruiting indie authors to try their new paperback publishing option. Lulu: 16 days. I found Createspace encouraged you to get your proof copy and not to publish till you received it. The line says, “Not for resale. KDP Select. We format the interior, design the cover, optimize for KDP (keywords, categories and synopsis), and upload the finished book (print and eBook) to the author's own Amazon and Ingram accounts, ensuring that the author maintains Integrated within the KDP system is an easy tool to help you advertise your books, both Kindle and print, on Amazon. European authors can order both printed proofs and author copies printed from the UK or continental Europe. Basically, they’re saying… don’t sell these copies. com/authord September 26, 2017. com. The royalty structure and upload process are nearly identical between Createspace and KDP paperback except for one key feature. On 1/8/2021 in the amazon app I was given a message that said my package is "running late" and if I had not received my package to come back and request a refund or replacement. We received our proof copies from Kindle Desktop Publishing in February. How to build you’re online presence and Set up your book on Amazon KDP for e-book and paperback editions. Am I allowed to sell it on I found the process works more reliably if you do the migration from the KDP page, not Createspace. (and, yes, I AM checking out offset & fulfillment options for some print-centric projects…) Producing a proof copy using KDP 2: Amazon Storyteller Award 2018 Amazon Storyteller is a writing competition that offers a £20,000 cash prize and a marketing and translation campaign to support the winning book. and an “In-House proof,” referred to as a Hard Copy Proof, HCP: three entries for “proof”] Therefore, when this proof is correct, it is the proof you approve—it will have the word Proof across the back page, along with the date and location of printing. Now, I buy a proof copy for each of my new books to make sure the formatting looks good and to use for my final read through. Proof copies are ordered in a similar way. However, proof copies and author orders for authors in Canada will still be printed and shipped from the US. To make sure you don't have any content that goes into or is too close to the binding, we recommend at least a . What is a print proof copy? It is suggested that one requests a proof (or two) from the publisher. In my post, dated April 17, 2017 (read Amazon’s New KDP Print Feature is Bad News for CreateSpace Users), one of the major drawbacks of KDP Print over CreateSpace was the inability to order proofs and author copies. How to use Amazon KDP Print POD to produce an advance reader copy. I recommend a printed proof copy, but it is not required. KDP prints paperbacks, author copies, proof copies for the same amount as CreateSpace. Both these are priced at the basic costs – shipping, taxes, and printing cost. I have learned a lesson from this about my marketing strategies have been poor so I need to improve. By “publishing,” that would mean the upload of the original manuscript for your book and any subsequen KDP Print ARCs have a big ugly “Not for Resale” graphic on them. KDP Select is the only thing you could possibly be worried about here. Authors are already able to order author copies through Amazon’s CreateSpace operation if they use that side of the business but this is the first time it’s been offered on KDP Print. uk. Once you are emailed the link, which is almost immediate, note that you have 24 hours to order the proof copy. Happy Reading! Rare Proofs, Galleys & Advance Review Copies Books Rare & Antiquarian Books. 79 (shipping) + $3. Here’s a recent screenshot of revenue from my books. Request copies by Email KDP KDP. The message also stated writers could purchase author copies. 19, plus shipping. We have made updates to your account that allow you to order proofs and author (wholesale) copies of your paperbacks on KDP Proofs allow you to review a physical copy of your draft paperback prior to publication. com. When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the printing costs plus shipping and applicable taxes. That was also approved. IngramSpark does not give you an option for proof copies. The larger royalties using IngramSpark as your print distributor come with a catch, though. It looked great. Order a proof copy rejections. After fighting with their poor formatting instructions for a few days, it was a perfection. Thanks. Keeping your data safe: Why authorized matters when ordering vital records Marriage, death, divorce and birth records mark major events in a person’s life, and are used as essential identity documents. The KDP70 digital piano features the Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) keyboard action, built-in Burgmuller and Czerny etudes and Alfred lesson songs, and great Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds. We proofread the text and discussed some of the content, deciding on revisions and corrections. After approving the eproof, you can keep it out of distribution until a date that you specify, which still allows you to order hard copies. At CreateSpace, when you “approved” your proof you were publishing your paperback. The KDP proof looks good. Once you publish your book, you can order AUTHOR COPIES that don’t have this strip. Amazon Rules for Authors: KDP Select Exclusivity. When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the printing costs plus shipping and applicable taxes. . 29 for our example book). You can order 5 proof copies of your book from KDP and they will deliver it to your doorstep free of cost. com Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon. Learn more here. First you indicate in the KDP dashboard how many author copies you want, then within four hours they send a link to your email where you can order them through Amazon. com/en_US/help/topic/G202131440. 71 (tax) = 28. The proof copies had been fine. Content offered for sale through KDP Select may not be offered in digital format for sale or for free, on any website outside of Amazon, except for a 10% sample. #returntorealbooks - print-ready typesetting is free with all proofreading and copy-editing instructions. This week Amazon has told indie authors they can buy “author copies” of POD paperbacks from KDP Print, a feature previously only available through CreateSpace. PROMOTE 1. Specifically, here’s how you can order a proof: Simply generate the book, then click order a proof copy. This is a big step forward for authors, and likely to boost indie paperback sales in Canada, but that still leaves most of the world without meaningful access to Amazon’s POD operation. You can then order a proof copy of your printed edition, which we recommend doing. When you're in the Edit Content section for your book in KDP, you can download a copy via the Previewer > Download > Mobi version. The author does still get the royalty for that, so you’re getting the book at the cost. amazon kdp print-ready typesetting - fixed price: $49. ” IngramSpark copies the last live published version of your book from Amazon KDP. KAWAI KDP70. Author Copies: https://kdp. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bumps Proof Copy at Amazon. New Member; 6 Once your list is complete, hit reject under the corresponding proof. The rep suggested we adjusted down. CreateSpace didn’t add this strip, but KDP does. On IngramSpark, you will need to approve the eproof first before printing a hard copy proof. Through print-on-demand services such as Ingram Spark and KDP, ARCs now can be printed for the same price as sale copies. Similar to KDP, IngramSpark will scan through and make sure everything is legit. Also, unlike CreateSpace, you don’t need to review and approve a proof on KDP. … After using CreateSpace for 4 years, I did a lot of research and opted to use both KDP and Ingram. We also learned a few lessons by doing this essentially backwards through Amazon (KDP then Createspace) and will be implementing that fix with Issue 2, which you should expect in July 2017. I agree about the watermark on the cover. Even you may be getting a prompt for doing the same on your dashboard. Keep doing this until you’re happy with the final product. See the pic of proof copy below, which got even more brown in tone. I was used to the way KDP Print does things, and they urge you order a print proof to look over your book in person. Proof Copies: https://kdp. Authors based in Europe will be able to order proof copies and author copies printed in Europe, which will save time and money. I would stick with the old approach. Learn more here. I clicked on the Order Proof Copy button and within minutes I received an email telling me that I would find the book in my Amazon cart and that I had a 24-hour window in which to purchase a proof of my book. In addition, every page had a cloud of white noise, almost like a footprint. Keep your registration acknowledgment card in your permanent files for future reference as proof of registration. You will then be emailed a link to place the order. 99 handling + $3. This is the link Amazon offers to authors looking The digital proof-readers on KDP are adequate but you want to see how your readers will experience your book before you start promoting it. Upload the print-ready cover file or use the Cover Creator tool to build one yourself within KDP Print. If you only have your print book with KDP you need to be VERY careful about whether you are ordering a proof copy or an author copy. The top two images in the collage below are from book covers and the lower one is the header of an ARC. On KDP, you can’t submit your book for publication until you approve it in the Previewer. com. The best way to use your book for promoting your other books. After that, KDP will take about two to five days to make your book live on Amazon. 5" binding margin. I just received my proof copy of a short photo book from Amazon KDP. You can use this form to update and make corrections to your personal information, or simply do it online. Order (upto a maximum of 5 copies) proof copies of your paperback book or; Order (999 copies per order) Author copies of your paperback book. Proofs allow you to review a physical copy of your draft paperback prior to publication. Cover Creator can also help you design a basic paperback cover that meets KDP's templates make it easier to create a print-ready paperback cover with programs that can open a PNG Paperback Manuscript Templates I ordered an Amazon KDP proof copy of my new book, Pistol Daisy, and I’m extremely excited to unbox it for you! This is not the final version of the book or the cover - this is simply a proof KDP Print now gives authors the chance to order proof copies of their paperback books before publishing them — a feature that used to give CreateSpace an edge over the younger KDP Print. Click Override On-Sale Date if your book is available for pre-order. CreateSpace has a limited number of color and trim size option. Amazon's exclusivity conditions expire after 90 days, which means you'll have the option to remain in the program or to opt-out of it once the period is up. The short answer is zero, $0! KDP Print is Amazon's print-on-demand feature of their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform and they offer one of the most competitively priced “POD” services in the industry. The book is only 42 pages and is stapled with no spine. It almost never pays to put the highest level rush on a print job, the 2nd choice between standard and next day practically always arrives well ahead of the promised date. The top portion of the registration acknowledgement letter is the change of information form. amazon. Well, you can now order printed proofs from KDP. You can use this link to order proofs (fill in the [KDP ID GOES HERE] part with your book's ID, which can be grabbed from the URL: If you’re unable to solve this problem, try contacting KDP help. Click here for instructions on Amazon KDP for ordering proof copies. com to Australia any more after spat with the Australian tax authorities about collecting VAT – unfortunately author copies on KDP are I tried the KDP program two separate times (about 4 months apart) and gave away about 1000 copies which resulted in some sales – but for the most part, total sales were still in double digits. ADVANCE READING COPY – NOT FINAL – NOT FOR SALE. If you are worried how the margins on your book will look, we recommend ordering a hard copy proof first before we print all of your We have print proof copies in hand. I clicked. We also offer a multilingual user interface and customer support in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese. If you struggle with the wording of your book description , look at the book descriptions of successful poetry books and see what they do that makes you curious enough to want to buy a copy. We received the proof copy and loved it. Advance review copies are exempt from KDP Select exclusivity requirements. 98 (15% coupon) + $7. Simple Print. You may need to allow more time than you’re used to, to receive and view a proof before releasing the publication. Orders & Book Copies. If your paperback is in “Draft” status, the option to request a proof will be enabled in the ellipsis (“…”) menu. Update Your Information The message also stated writers could purchase author copies. 94 x 2 copies – $2. Unfortunately, soon after we submitted our bulk orders, covid-19 started to affect KDP's fulfillment process. Once you’re happy with the proof copy of your book and you’re ready to make your paperback book available for sale on Amazon, you need to let KDP know you have approved the proof. Be sure to research categories for your book and keywords to put into your description. However, that has now changed! CANOE TREE is DartFrog's non-curated program for authors wanting a professional turnkey solution to the design, production and positioning of their self-published book. $5. Amazon is adding the facility for authors and publishers to order proof copies and author copies of their paperback at ‘wholesale’ prices through the print book section of Kindle Direct Publishing. Other than that, you can do whatever you want with your book. Also, if you’ve already published using the “standard” US KDP dashboard, your book reviews will also carry over to Amazon AU. You can find out more about our print One nice thing that KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) offers is the ability to order proof copies of your paperbacks, even if they are still unpublished drafts. This will effectively be a copy of your ebook to that point, and you can update the copy at any time. You can add your own images; text can be moved, resized, color changed, and font changed to create a more a personalized look and accommodate unique copy. Proof copies are also handy if you are wanting to give a physical copy to a review to try out and then write a review. PRINTED PROOFS, AUTHOR COPIES, AND APPROVING THE PROOF. Lulu Print. Ordering author copies and proof copies from KDP is a rather convoluted process. Specifically, here’s how you can order a proof: Major PROOF COPY problem “One of my clients ordered 2 proofs of his latest title after I uploaded it. CreateSpace has offered 3 ISBN options since 2016 and those are: A free ISBN. The original cover was the proof. KDP refuses to take responsibility for bait and switch. 00. I did some research and from what I see, Amazon is saying that manufacturing to Canada is available, so I'm super confused on if this is just an issue on my end or if it's happening to all KDP authors. I never sold any books, like I said, so all this hoopla with the author copies feels like a whole lot of work and money for nothing, but it was a fun experience, and it didn’t take me very long to realize I was the only author there who didn This varies according to time of year, but the proof copies can be turned around in 24–48 hours if you put a rush on it. They should allow the cover to go through SECOND phase which would detect inconsistency with going to press. You’ll have to follow the instructions and purchase the proof from Amazon. First email: We contacted you over two weeks ago regarding content guideline violations with respect to books you have submitted through your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. Next is the uploading and proofing process. When you’re looking at your book in KDP’s previewer, clicking Approve doesn’t publish your book. KDP refuses to make concessions stating that we approved the cover. I checked on the KDP site to see if Covid-19 was effecting shipments. You will need to upload a corrected PDF book file. That’s because some readers still prefer to hold physical copies of books, and it would be a mistake to ignore that potential revenue stream. com. Amazon recently extended KDP Print proof and author copies for delivery to addresses in Australia. We also offer a multilingual user interface and customer support in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese. com website. Order 1 to 5 proof copies. On KDP Print, this is separated into two sections: Amazon and Expanded Distribution, which includes Libraries and Academic Institutions, Bookstores and Online Retailers. Author Copies: Yes (unlimited) Fees: $12 yearly maintenance fee; $49 setup fee; $25 per-file change fee for updates (all fees are per title) Major Advantage: You set the wholesale discount (not stuck with the standard 60% at KDP) and thus can lower your pricing (55% discount is recommended); ability to do hardcover and different binding types; slightly higher quality; sometimes cheaper worldwide shipping Amazon KDP will walk you through the steps: entering the title, subtitle, author name, etc. br, or Amazon. A welcomed message arrived in my inbox this evening. 00 per copy for 100 copies of your average-sized book. To find out more about IngramSpark proof copies, click here. A few lowlights from my and some colleagues’ experience so far: • Proof copies, that we have to pay for, have a gargantuan “proof” band across the front cover, making the actual review/proofing of it impossible. KDP generates the number of author copies you want—which takes a few minutes—then adds those books to your basket. It does have an ISBN no on the back which throws up copies of the book on here. If you’ve already ordered an author copy, and you have a question or concern about the copy you received, visit Manage Orders . We appear to be on track for approving the print version for sale by May 1st. e. ” Again, that’s not a huge deal as the book really is “not for resale,” but it does limit your ability to evaluate the cover print job since you can’t see a decently large portion of the cover. Set up Amazon Author Central account and request additional categories. If you need actual copies of more than 5 tickets, please visit a Finance Business Center. com would still earn you $2. 99 on February 27. They also let you order proof copies / author copies of your paperbacks at cost (in this case, USD $2. I set up my book with KDP and get a proof. On December 2nd, I ordered "author copies" of my books to be delivered by 12/28/2020 by 8pm. Ideal for sales sheets, resumes, newsletters and menus. In doing the research on self-publishing for print, it didn’t take long to get thoroughly overwhelmed. Here it is, fellow writers! Here’s how to self-publish with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for both Kindle and paperback! Paperback 1. The books are not printed in India. Conclusion Using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for print books is fine for most authors, especially if they are using their own ISBNs and not the free ones from Amazon--which means Amazon is the publisher. To avoid future charges, be sure that your proof is correct before hitting publish. Amazon is migrating its print services to KDP print from Createspace, so we recommend that authors publish through this The good news: self-publishing is easy these days with Amazon KDP. If needed, changes can be made on KDP after the move is complete. The book was sent. At KDP, it’s different. The proof copies of the paperbacks of my books just arrived, and are looking good thankfully! I'll be on your bookshelves soon! whereby author copies to proof or sell directly ordered through KDP are shipped locally, which is quicker and cheaper. fully formatted for amazon kdp print-on-demand publishing. It will even check your files to make sure they will print properly. KDP Paperback – Please take that watermark off. Author copies printed in UK and Europe For spiral bound booklets, the binding will go into the page approximately . KDP will allow changes even after you book is published. When used alongside KDP Print, IngramSpark will not affect your Amazon distribution at all. Considering how long KDP had CreateSpace under its control, you would’ve thought this would have been handled better. Like a cover proof copy, but with multiple miniatures of the cover on a single sheet. The printing prices shown at KDP Print are right in line with CreateSpace KDP Print offers many nonstandard trim sizes and options that CreateSpace does not. Publish to Audio. As you know, with Amazon KDP, they put a bar across the cover with "Not for Resale" stamped multiple times. My setup: I'm working on a MacBookAir running Mojave 10. Note—this previewer is a fairly accurate predictor of how the printed version will look. You can order up to 5 copies at a time. com and set up your account. Browse and buy a vast selection of Uncorrected Proof Copies Books and Collectibles on AbeBooks. You can make changes to your cover or interior and re-upload the new editions for free at any time. There is no charge for updating the content of a paperback book on KDP. My online sales have been over 40 so at present there are 60 + copies of my book out there in the UK and Europe. It gives you the power to take a stack of books everywhere you go. I understand the concept of a proof copy, and have read up on Abe books about them. To complete the recertification, the client must: 3. 14. KDP assigns you an ISBN for the book. Once I’m sure I like it, I also set up with Ingram. Your best option for quick and everyday document printing. Select the order quantity. KDP’s print features won’t affect any existing CreateSpace titles unless Migrating titles from CreateSpace to KDP offers the option to advertise paperback books through AMS. One last thing to note is KDP Print is still in beta, so you MAY run into some issues along the way. Well, you can now order printed proofs from KDP. All 23 books were perfect, and so we placed a In my experience with Createspace, and assuming the same is true with KDP Print, proof copies have priority and will be printed in whatever plant can produce and deliver them the quickest. Copy and paste your corrections list from your word doc into the rejection text field. You can’t ship author copies to Australia once they’re on KDP (Amazon decided they wouldn’t ship from Amazon. Looking for an eReader? Try Kindle E-reader with a 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display and Wi-Fi. Title Information. They are proof copies. That’s convenient. I also have a proof copy of DANGEROUS GAMES , but a buddy asked to read it. how to format your MS word doc for KDP. KDP will take your book’s interior file and cover file and create a digital proof copy for you to look over before you publish it. KDP is now available in Canada! We are excited to announce Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is now available in Canada! Your KDP published books, where you have indicated publication rights, are available in the new Canadian Kindle Store. KDP prints your book on-demand so you have no upfront costs and don’t have to manage inventory. nl. The third time I tried it I found every free announcement site on the web including Twitter and Facebook. But publishing with CreateSpace meant you had to log into two different websites to check your sales stats. Start new topic; Recommended Posts. If your order is above Amazon’s minimum spend, or if you’re a Prime member, this should save time and money for you. books for the author to sell direct to the public). But what you want before approving your book for sale is a chance to see if there are any mistakes, so to me that is not an issue. Unlike KDP, there is a charge for updating the file. For some reason they don’t have the 5x8” size, a common size for books in the UK. KDP Print lets you order author copies by adding them to your regular Amazon shopping basket, where they are treated as any other Amazon order. One proof at $14. A FEW MORE THINGS: We recommend saving your corrections in a word document so that in the event of a website timeout or other technical error, your list in progress is not lost. We collect data from your KDP Account and from your connected Author Central accounts, and we store encrypted copies of that data. Allow the author-publisher to request a printing of just the cover. The name of your publishing imprint is CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Also, note that it will have not available for resale across the cover of the book. A copy of the proof must be kept in the person's record. Kawai’s digital pianos are recognized worldwide for their outstanding tone and performance. To find out more about Amazon KDP's proof copies, click here. Last week, the Zon sent an email to KDP users saying they have begun offering print proofs and author copies for paperbacks published through KDP. I received several emails for titles they said would have a higher cost of printing when switching and that my prices needed to be increased. When they come, it's the final product. ALLi Says: It’s very convenient for authors to publish print and ebooks through one dashboard. Hold on, KDP. Unlike first editions, proofs and advanced review copies of books were not printed to be consumed publicly. Get a proof copy through CreateSpace. ca was not an option as the marketplace to order from. Distribution channels. Australian users can place orders from Amazon. com/en_US/help/topic/G202132360 The proof copies of the paperbacks of my books just arrived, and are looking good thankfully! I'll be on your bookshelves soon! Specifically, here’s how you can order a proof: Go to your Bookshelf and find the paperback for which you would like to order a proof. kdp proof copies