collecting stamp forgeries Blue, If you go to the Home page, then click on Articles, there's a nice series of articles on forgeries of Iran/Persia History of philatelic fakes and forgeries. re: Puerto Rico Forgery. 5, 1982, 60 pages, card, $25. But philatelic forgeries are rarely scarce, and seldom desired by stamp collectors. 1mm. stock to concentrate on the French Colonies which also has its own personal Forgery Collection. There are a few more pages of side benefit, with the details of a stamp's parts and information about forgeries. 31/1987 of Eesti Filatelist (Sweden). 2. Sperati started a personal stamp collection - the "Livre D'Or" (Gold Book). 99 US Stamp Sc# 1030-1053 & 1054-1059A + 1214 USED Complete Liberty Set 1954-1968 SCITUATE — The state police on Thursday announced charges against 88 people who investigators say fraudulently received food stamps. Horst Mueller, an Austrian citizen resident in Japan, displays part of his collection of these classic Japanese stamps. 2014 Dec. In helping to determine if an item submitted for certification is genuine, it is important to have on hand a reference collection of both genuine stamps and forgeries. A. The spurious stamps are known as ‘Stock Exchange’ forgeries (pictured below). Video Games & Consoles. These include: The Turner Collection of Forgeries at the British Library Philatelic Collections; Scottish Philatelic Society’s reference collection of forgeries; National Postal Museum Library Collections at the Smithsonian Institution; Protecting Yourself From Stamp Forgeries There is a debate raging between philatelists and the online marketplace eBay regarding marking stamps and other philatelic material as “fake. Plus a section on fakes and forgeries for peoples interest. Collectors of inexpensive stamps may chose to not worry about forgeries as the potential cost, or loss, will be negligible, but it should be well noted that many inexpensive stamps, some valued less than . Read in English by volunteer readers. Making a stamp exhibit to display at a stamp show is a creative and enjoyable project. 00 Add to Cart: TAIWAN LITERATURE: STAMPS CATALOGUE OF REPUBLIC OF CHINA (ISSUED IN TAIWAN SINCE 1945) by Alex Yeh. Forgeries by Fournier of Geneva (34 stamps), 4. 2 x Varnish Bands. When discovery of the Missionary stamps first was announced by the philatelic press in the 1860's, this forgery is what the writers were describing! An unusual orange 2¢ of unknown origin probably dating from the 1860's. Many of the items were originally purchased from high-end stamp and collectible auctions (e. 29/1983, and part III in no. Freestampmagazine is a magazine about stamp Koban Collection. Over time, parts of the fakes and forgery collection will be placed online. "The Stamp Collecting Guidesite at About. Australian 1932 Postal Stamp Forgeries. Though you are no con artist, you just prefer collecting stamp forgeries and philatelic counterfeits. These fakes I purchased were original marketed for over $10,000 and I paid a small fraction of that price ,but I do have a decent reference collection of his stuff and that makes Collectors, Dealers, Exhibitioners, Enthusiasts, and Researchers. 00. Stamp Collecting Software and Resources — by Lisa Richards, Educational Outreach Writer. February 3, 2012 By Audrius Brazdeikis A PETER WINTERS forgery was sold on ebay last week for about $1,000. How To. With so few genuine stamps, the expertizing fees could well exceed the value of the few genuine stamps found in an unsorted group. R. The Hradcany Issue - Czechoslovakia's First Stamps Issued beginning December 1918, the first stamps of Czechoslovakia offer an affordable treat for the philatelic specialist. 25c, have been forged in great numbers. Forgery experts like Spiro filled the demand. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of classical stamp auction lots being offered, as genuine, when there were many instances where the stamp being offered was an obvious forgery. com contains contact information of stamp traders who wish to establish connections & trade stamps with other collectors. Genuine full sheets of 20 stamps (5x4) can be viewed to show stamp positions. Here are a few ways counterfeiters go about altering stamps. 00 Billie Jean King Stamp Forgery with a Genuine Stamp Noting differences: Markus Brandes Autographs provides advice, stories and information about collecting, maintaining collectors autograph collection. It was formed by S. Welcome to the Home of Stamp Collecting Due to the new Tier 4 government guidelines our store will be closed from 21/12/2020 until further notice. This is another wonderful stamp of early Ceylon but there are many forgeries or altered stamps of this classic too, but do not worry we will compare the characteristics of a genuine SG12 vs forgeries or margins added stamp. The purpose with FFE is to inform collectors and exhibitors about fakes and forged items. Newfoundland Stamp Sc # 60 Used on Cover Canc/H St. N. Full citations are found in the bibliography on this site. History Meet the Team Join Welcome to "Fakes and Forgeries Purchased on eBay". Our on-line PRICE LISTS: However, as a guide to stamp collecting, it tends to fall short. Forgeries by Fournier of Geneva (34 stamps), 4. Counterfeits are not limited to stamps alone, even postmarks and complete covers can be imitated and perforated stamps can be converted into non-perforated and vice versa. lot collection of us forgeries forgery counterfeit and fake stamps, these are great for reference great detail, but all fake. Not all of them were intended to defraud collectors; some were produced as space fillers, to occupy those awkward gaps in printed album pages. sandafayre. Supplies of stamps had to be replenished just to fill orders to satisfy the collecting market. M. Names like The Spiro Brothers, Fournier & Sperati are amongst the most infamous forgers. A forgery is a completely fraudulent reproduction of a postage stamp. If a government makes a reproduction of a postage stamp from new plates, it is called Reprints of the 8s typographed stamp, 1867: The Serrane Guide/ Stamp Forgeries of the World to 1926, p. Plus forgeries catalogue of 237 pages by Dorn of Haymarket London. Robinoviz, No. SCB caters over 500 articles, thousand of collector opinions, stamp exchanges and much more. We recently obtained a lifetime's collection of stamps and historical collectibles from the estate of a career collector. G. Forged stamp overprints and Forgeries of Romagna. Do the following: Discuss how you can better understand people, places, institutions, history, and geography as a result of collecting stamps. Stamps sold with certificates are sold on the opinion of such and not to any other opinion. Forgery reference database Home SEYCHELLES 1890 to 1901 - NICE COLLECTION OF 24 QV STAMPS - FORGERY ERROR STAMP!! - MINT in the Colonial Britain category for sale in Johannesburg (ID:509105326) This collection showcases fabricated documents and stories throughout history, and the diversity of purposes and contexts they were deployed in. Despite the prevalence of fake stamps, the good news is that most philatelic forgeries are pretty mediocre. You have the penchant for the bizarre and the unconventional. Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished forgers in history, Hofmann is especially noted for his creation of documents related to the history of the Latter Day Saint movement. Sperati's forgeries have become so collectible that some, such as the red 1913 Australian £2 stamp and the olive-bistre coloured 1865 96 cent stamp from Hong Kong, are now worth more than the Stamp Emission: Cinderella Perforation: Imperforate Face value: 5 Russian kopek Print run: 249,872 Score: 31% Accuracy: Medium Description: BHP=Belorussian Peoples Republic, ordered by military administration, printed at Riga (Latvia) after official permission, some reprints and forgeries are known, imperforate issues also without gum Buy Now: Fakes/Forgeries. Sometimes the more modern ones utilize a technique where a stamp made of metal, similar to a rubber stamp, could be used in a production line-type facility and "mash" the signature replication down into the photo, similar to an old-style printing press. com - we sell stamps and stamp collections through our weekly stamp auctions; we also offer free stamp collecting resources to help you Stamp collecting is one of the world's oldest and most beloved hobbies. This is especially true when bidding in online auctions. I would like also post the 5 Mn pink Stamp as it doesn't seem to look like any of the stamps that are uploaded here. Stamp-collecting-world. 00 ,it will be interesting to see what happens . The stamp at left is a Maryland forgery, from an Ebay listing. Their forgeries were of excellent quality, and the forged stamps are sometimes nearly impossible to Comparison of the $1. Introductions. Scout Stamp Fakes & Forgeries This section provides details on the darker side of Scout topical stamp collecting - fakes (fascimilies) and forgeries. Forgeries — a small collection of fake Luxembourg stamps. But after a theft in 1977, the collection was locked away until the National Postal Museum exhibit. This is even sometimes true when offered by well-known, respected, non-specialist dealers; they are not trying to fool anybody -- they simply don't know how to separate the genuine from the forgeries and they have not had them examined by an expert. 2. Turner and donated in 1973. WWII War/Propaganda Forgeries. R G Gethin, pub. g. 00. Stamp Collecting Blog is the premiere source of philatelic information for all stamp collectors, philatelists and postage stamp lovers worldwide. http://www. The process of collecting stamps includes gathering and cataloging a wide range of everything stamp-related, including items like postcards and pre-stamped envelopes if you choose. Forgeries flood eBay marketplace. Publishing. An early New Zealand Stamp Collection with specialized Chalons and Queen Victoria, Sideface printings. Die 12 Counterfeit Entire #2 Blackjack Forgeries, 4 th Nesbitt 2¢ Analysis of the Dawson Collection . 6mm. The History of Stamp Collecting Part 29 – Assay Mania. Overprint Date Code of M14L and Source Code of MTIL (which of course is an impossible Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for USA Carrier Stamps Selection. Most stamp collectors enjoy adding something unusual to their albums and the history of some of the distinctly ‘dodgy’ characters who sold them can prove equally enchanting. -----"A Black Surcharge Market" by Irving Green in Stamps, June 1943 pps. Honduras Report by Richard Washburn The Oxcart, fall 1997 pps To this day experts and collectors alike still debate whether they are clever forgeries or the find of a lifetime. forged stamps. One of the web sites I truly feel captures the spirit of identifying stamp forgeries is a site developed by Mr. Note, Stamp Collecting, Vol. Stamp Bears Community information. We study and collect stamps, covers, FDCs, rates, usages, routes, ephemera, Maximum cards, seals, body bags and crash covers, the machines creating the cancellations and postmarks, spray-ons and other transit markings not technically cancellations, history behind the man sending the stamp. I don't know if you are mentally making this comparison, but this needs to be cleared up. Called the “crown jewels” of U. F721 K76w] Lyons, Larry. Evidently the forger clipped the postcard to obtain a good cancelled stamp with part of the Geestemuende cancel and used the rest of the card as his canvas for creating the forgery. France and Colonies Philatelic Society (UK) Stamp 1, 2 and 4 fails this test only measuring 12. G. Christie's, Waverly, Dutch Country, Apfelbaum's, etc. The suspects got about $469,000 in public assistance over the . $10. David was a founder member of the First Issues Collectors' Club and for many years a stamp-dealer specialising in first issues. Click on the stamp or the description below to be taken to the complete listing of known Hialeah Forgery copies of that base stamp. Provinces, and the world. Yours looks like the one on the right. 00 Great Britain The Stamps of the Circular Delivery Company and their Forgeries by C. The collection was sold in 1989. These are selections of a privately held stamp collection and are not intended as a completed catalogue of stamps and forgeries that exists. Sources. g. 7; 1990, 64 pages, card yes- it is a forgery no - You are done. Over the long history of our great hobby, there have been many individuals who have forged stamps to deceive & defraud collectors. FFE also explains how philatelic expertizing works. Maryland Forgeries first appeared in 2002 and commanded prices of up to £50 when offered in auction. Philately, or stamp collecting, has attracted millions of hobbyists worldwide. After The CD Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan, 2nd edition, was published in 2002 (the 1st in 1997) by the International Society for Japanese Philately, Haddonfield NJ (USA). They have a "flat" look to the printing, the first thing for which to look and compare with a known genuine copy. 19: 220: Bogus Buriatia by angore Oct 20, 2020 5:26:03 GMT -5: Philatelic Exhibition Zone. 6, 1986, 128 pages, card, $30. This is something the collector of classical postage stamps, ESPECIALLY THE HIGH PRICED ONES, should always be aware of, when evaluating the purchase of a rare stamp. It is done in order to defraud or deceive others in assuming that those forgeries and fakes are the authentic items. (7) The horizontal background-lines of the central oval replace the matrix of little white dots of the original design and can be found in the Upham forgery as well. Philatelic handbook covers: Postal and political chronicles, Postal rates and postal history, Post offices and cancellations, Fakes and forgeries, Air and rail post, Registry labels and other postal markings, Postal stationery, Perfins, Parcel post, Revenue stamps, Memel and Klaipėda stamps, and stamp varieties. 2012, Softbound, color catalog, text Mark William Hofmann (born December 7, 1954) is an American counterfeiter, forger, and convicted murderer. All these forgeries have been produced to defraud collectors, and the whole stamp is a counterfeit. offers a forgery made with an image of the roast missionary stamp auctioned at Feldman Switzerland in May for about 400 €. . 90 (April 29, 1958): 762. [Last updated: March 1, 2021 - five express companies] About the Collection. Take a look at these before you try to buy the real thing! Take a look at these before you try to buy the real thing! References — an extensive list of catalogs, books, magazine articles, and other useful reference material for Luxembourg stamp collectors. The "Awful Disclosures of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal" is a fabricated anti-Catholic eye-witness account, published in 1836 and purporting to reveal the horrors of life in a convent. SeeMyStamps (SMS) Image Hosting. During WWII, the major European combatants counterfeited stamps of their opponents as part of multiple propaganda campaigns. Today an email arrived from a customer in Ontario, Canada, who had a letter from the Chester area in the UK, which was delivered in just three days! This collection can still be viewed on Frajola’s website: sperati. Here is a link to Stamp Forgeries. forgeries - The BNA reference manuals of fakes, forgeries and counterfeits, as well as an interactive forum for collectors and dealers. 2006. Explore these monthly examples of fakes, forgeries and the genuine article to test your knowledge and to learn more about detecting the real article. A) Forged overprints – Research overprints on stamps, if a stamp has never been known to have been issued with an overprint, chances are that it’s a fake. FORGERY OF UJD43-14 Lithography Non-Phosphor Forgery. Confederate Fakes. This rule was CMN8) Worldwide Forgeries & Facsimiles collection. S. Forgery in philately was not necessarily meant to defraud the collectors alone, but as we have seen, during the World War II, both allies and axis printed forgeries as propaganda means to discredit their Thank you for visiting the International Society of Guatemala Collectors web site. This is an ongoing experiment, so it will be evolving over the next year depending on my schedule. Learning to identify these can be a challenging branch of philately. Forgery and Related Stamp Information. or Best Offer Canada VERY RARE 1898 Map Stamp Forgery, Fake, Counterfeit, Facsimile. As soon as they appeared on e-bay the author had started collecting images of these fraudulent overprints for a web site on Marshall Islands stamps. Those with a traceable historical relevance are often considered the most valuable stamps as collectors vie for examples with storied beginnings and historical significance. The educational articles below deal with stamp forgeries, fakes, alterations, fraud, scam auctions and the problems of buying and selling in the eBay Stamps category. 399 Strand Valuations Contact Us. Stamp forgery has been going on for about as long as there have been stamps, sometimes to fool the post office, but more often now to deceive collectors. Boy Scouts of America offers the Stamp Collecting merit badge that could be awarded to Scout stamp collectors. The ISGC is a non-profit organization and APS affiliate founded in 1948; membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in stamps and postal history of colonial and modern Guatemala and adjacent regions of Central America. 50 Ilie Nastase Stamp Forgery with a Genuine Stamp Noting differences: The red fonts are darker and bolder on genuine stamps. The growth of philatelist societies in numerous countries, including Canada, China, Great Britain, and the United States, speaks to its universal appeal. 2012, Softbound, color catalog, text in English & Chinese. There are generally two types of stamp forgeries: those intended to defraud collectors and those intended to defraud a postal system. Anon. May 1998. Counterfeits. Counterfeits, fakes, forgeries & other oddities of U. Review the rules. Many genuine stamps had a security overprint with 'Ch. Fakes/Forgeries. Plus a section on fakes and forgeries for peoples interest. 15 and boxed note preceding No. Auctions. Familiarising ourselves with the different methods employed can help to not be fooled by them. Information is provided so that the average collector has an online resource to help evaluate stamps either already present in a collection or potential new acquisitions. Stamp Collecting Blog This Stamp Collecting Blog keeps you up to date on additions to the stamp-collecting-resource. This is index page for articles about Articles index on Postage stamp forgeries and counterfeit identification . Stamp forgery collecting. ” This bound volume of the Utica Christian Magazine from 1813-14 contains 13 forged Lincoln signatures—one on the first page of each issue of the magazine and one on the front flyleaf. 1. With an Australian Colonial States and early Australian stamp Collection. In this episode, Ted Talks Stamps takes a brief look at the career of Harman Herst Jr, one of the great dealers and philatelic writers from the heyday of stamp collecting, in the 1930s, in the philatelic center of the… In 1872 and 1873 thousands of forgeries of the British is stamp were made, and were sold over the counter by a clerk at the Stock Exchange post-office in London. Collectors, Dealers, Exhibitioners, Enthusiasts, and Researchers. The forgeries of the 1871-1872 Dragon Stamps were produced in large sheets of 48 (6 x 8). Ted Talks Stamps: Episode 36 – Legends of Philately – Herman “Pat” Herst Jr. Greek stamp forgeries Hello everyone! I am new to the hobby but am very interested in collecting greek stamps from the usually more turbulent times of the nation (1860s-1950s). The first adhesive postage stamp was issued in May 1840. The forgeries of Fiume / Rijeka. Visit us for over 500 philatelic articles and thousands of comments from stamp collectors around the globe. Chute), another one for Guatemala and a 10 c Prince Edward Island bogus stamp (with the image of a ship). The Alisaffi Forgeries (98 stamps, 6 pairs, 6 blocks of four), 3. Forgeries produced to defraud a postal system are usually called counterfeits. SG2679 Christmas Santa 1st Class Self-Adhesive with INTACT MATRIX . . 38, No. Auction House SG Auction Room Consign To Us Register To Bid. Johns to Montreal Canada $9 . The Serrane Guide. [HE6184 . Stamp Collecting Depicted on Stamps by coastwatcher Apr 2, 2021 22:52:53 GMT -5: Postal History / Cinderellas / Post Cards - 1 Viewing. Storm The Castle Collecting. As with any object of value, stamps attract the attention of some dishonest individuals. Markus Brandes Autographs provides advice, stories and information about collecting, maintaining collectors autograph collection. “The message is clear and simple,” wrote Canada’s pre-eminent philatelic fake and forgery expert Ken Pugh in a post published on the “ Canadian Philately and Canada Stamp Collecting ” Facebook page on Feb. 12o green value, Regular Issue, 1882-93. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Stock Video downloads for a single monthly fee. New To Stamps Iconic stamps Video Guides Dispatches. Many books and articles have and continue to be written on these and related subjects. In 2007, Sotheby's Auctions sold APS# 175366 08 Dec 2017 11:55:08am: re: Stamp Forgeries. laser-printers Forged or Genuine is a monthly feature testing your ability to identify stamps that are faked versus their genuine counterpart. com Stamp forgeries have been around almost as long as postage stamps. Items On Sale. Methods of producing stamp forgeries Entire stamp forgeries. Plus a section on fakes and forgeries for peoples interest. 19: 235: WW Forgeries, Fakes, Phantoms & Reprints by sforgca Apr 2, 2021 6:48:35 GMT -5 ATTENTION: many forgeries exist of this issue (6 forgeries and 2 bogus issues)! The stamps were used in 1863-1864. It's possible that someday a combination of science and detective work will finally establish beyond any shadow of a doubt whether Grinnell's stamps are forgeries or one of the hobby's most remarkable finds. 8mm and below the acceptable range of 6. Thus, a philatelic need for new 1¢ stamps generated the Sixth Setting. Taylor also made some bogus issued for countries other than the United States; for example a Dominican Republic bogus stamps of 2 r in red (made in collaboration with J. stamp collecting, Miller's collection was donated to the New York Public Library in 1925 where it was displayed for more than 50 years. Forgeries of unknown origin of the 1 anna. (2000) Focus on forgeries: A guide to forgeries of common stamps, Linn's Stamp News; Rev. & M. If an overprint was issued, compare with other originals, look for discrepancies in the markings, or a design which seems painted in. com Web site. The paper of this forgery is a vivid yellow but the color may appear pale on your screen. Beware particularly of forgeries (all too often unmounted) of the perforated stamps. They aim to provide eBay stamp collectors with information that would help them make more informed decisions as buyers or sellers on eBay. N. J. Due to the increasing demands by the collectors all over the world, the counterfeiters created a vast number forgeries including stamps as well as covers and postal documents. It seems that the ones I have are very good forgeries or genuines. The timing was unfortunate because it coincided with the birth of the World Wide Web. Other stamp forgeries are not so obvious. com This web site is dedicated to the topic of fakes and forgeries of Canada, the B. Tyler When we think of forgeries we think of the rarities however many forgeries exist of relatively common stamps, often prepared when the stamps were first issued, they are often well done, in face some of these common stamps would be scarce except that the majority in collections are fake. BELGIUM ,parcel post and railway stamps . Forgeries of postal stationery exist, but they are not common and are usually easily detected. Some were designed to inject subversive materials into the enemy’s postal system, and for this purpose needed accurate forgeries that were virtually indistinguishable from the originals. The collection was subsequently sold at auction in Germany in 2020. Total or partial stamp forgeries, produced in limited numbers with e. 208: 2,765: UK Postal Strike 1971 by guyana1230 Mar 27, 2021 14:56:01 GMT -5: Fakes/Forgeries. 452-3. This same type of item was also included in the auction lot I purchased from a public stamp auction . +250 high resolution images, side-by-side comparison of genuine vs. Probably Forgeries/reprints etc. This was done by making large numbers of copies of pro-British materials, including letters and postcards from German POWs. Both the fake and authentic stamp are illustrated and described. Taken in total, the analysis of the Grinnell stamps makes for a remarkable study in the art of stamp expertization and forgery detection. The collection-study of Large Hermes head forgeries, on 36 pages, divided by type or forgers: 1a. D. The most deceptive forgeries of the Confederate States general issues were done by Jean de Sperati. Join us as we speak with some of the most interesting people in the world of philately, and talk about the journeys that stamps have taken them on. Tyler, Varro E. Stamp Production Process Forum All topics about the technical aspects of stamp collecting such as printing methods, types of presses, paper, gum types, etc. Join us as we speak with some of the most interesting people in the world of philately, and talk about the journeys that stamps have taken them on. $2500. Introduction. Stamp Collecting Societies and Associations. Sheppard, “Comment On A Spate Of Forged Overprints On Australian Stamps – Part 1: The OS Forgeries”, Bulletin of the Australian Commonwealth Collectors Club of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW Australia), Vol. Visit Us. Sub-board: Post Cards. Lot 21 Canada #32F F/VF Used 2c Laid Paper Andre Frodel Forgery All It also includes material that could be misrepresented as genuine to unsuspecting collectors and has a section detailing some of the difference between forgeries and genuine dragon stamps. S. Ref-491 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Iranian stamps immediately gained popularity among the collectors including many famous personalities such as Count Ferrari and Thomas Keay Tapling to name a few. Occasionally, rare forgeries can exceed the value of modestly-priced genuine stamps; typically, however, the value of collectible forgeries is a small or tiny fraction of the value of the real item. To avoid prosecution for forging legal and valid stamps, Fournier concentrated on reproducing obsolete stamp issues for sale by tobbanocists, book dealers and stationers. Carrier, Local, and Postmaster Provisional stamps. Asian stamp collectors face two main problems: humidity and forgery. 1 (February, 1999): 1-36. 31. SCADS (Stamp Collectors against Dodgy Sellers) is an international association of philatelists and collectors whose purpose is to combat fraudulent and shady tactics by sellers of stamps, and to protect and educate the philatelic community at large, particularly the newer and less experienced collectors who represent the future of the hobby. Traditional philatelic exhibits make every effort to avoid forged material, but this leaves unused an educational opportunity that would likely be helpful to both the collector and dealer community. When collectors got the rest of the 11 stamps of the 12 zodiac animal set in 1991 (1 animal each year), they had to, and still are, paying big price for the missing spot in the set. P. 1854 - 1864 Isabella II & Forgeries: Japanese Occupation Postal History: 1881 - 1888 Surcharge Era: The Philippines At War: The Manila Find, 1860 - 1872: POW Camps In The Philippines: Spanish Philippines Odds & Ends: Looking For Pvt. Focus on Forgeries includes photos of forged and genuine versions of 150 stamps in 158 pages. Basically, because stamp collecting was a popular Victorian parlor hobby and many albums were available. If the areas you are interested in are not here then simply use the SEARCH FOR STAMPS link and enter your favourite collecting subject and our powerful search engine should do The Postal Museum recently received a donation of 63 specimens (accession number 2012. Many have also been put off collecting German stamps, or at least the expensive items, because of the proliferation of these forgeries, which have been and are still found in "untouched" collections sold through auction houses, such as Götz, with a less solid reputation concerning the material they offer. The campaigns generally served one of two purposes. View complete sheet of First Vilnius issue 10 sk stamp (Mi, Sc 1) and 15 sk …. 15, No. Oscar Brown: Japanese Occupation Miscellany Collectables. It is the information site for one of the largest publication projects on B. During WWI, the British counterfeited stamps of Germany and Bavaria as part of a large propaganda campaign. Postal Stationery is easy to collect. Because the story is so famous among collectors, Sperati forgeries are now highly-collectible and are sometimes worth more than an original stamp of the same type. $40. Image Source. There was high demand to fill the new Honduras spots in Victorians' albums, but almost none available for over a decade. v. Publishing House My Digital Catalogues My Collection Gibbons Stamp Monthly Philatelic Exporter. Fakes and Forgeries of the 20th Century French Postage Stamps, by Dr. sandafayre. 264 (Yvert 11-15); 1914, 1924 and 1963 Reprints: Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue, note following No. Collection Of GB STAMP FORGERIES, Machin Definitives. Two other ISJP monographs also help with identification of the forgeries: Forgeries & Imitations of the Dragon Stamps of Japan, and The Koban Forgeries of Japan. -----These stamps were issued 1912-13 with the forged overprints of parcel post stamps of the 1915 overprint issue ,three of the stamps have legible cancellations-two in 1913 and one 1914 which was prior to the overprinting which was done in 1915. Click here to see the table of contents In general, philatelic fakes and forgeries are labels that look like postage stamps but have been produced to deceive or defraud. stamps are genuine but the overprint was placed on prior canceled stamps. 50: 6,288 Post Stamp Collecting Items You Have For Sale Here You must have at least 50 posts to buy and sell items. Comparison of the $2. Download FORGERY Stamp and Handcuffs Stock Video by moovstock. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Letter. My personal interest is in building complete sets from broken sets and odds and ends. An English translation of both parts the above important work. The 1st stamp is not attributed to any specific forger, the 2nd one is a lithographed forgery from the Spiro Brothers of Hamburg (approx. According to Varro Tyler’s Philatelic Forgers, Their Lives and Works, Fournier, unlike many of his contemporary forgers, did not seek to defraud the public. Toys, Hobbies. S. The PF is proud to have in our possession a wide range of forged material to supplement our outstanding reference collection of genuine stamps. ISBN: 978-0933580169. Technically, each stamp of Vilnius I and II issue is "one-of-a-kind" and is so collected. In 2002 the so-called Maryland Forgeries of various classic stamps started showing up. S. identify forged stamps began to appear in the 1860s3. G. The forger – a person who makes fake stamps - starts from scratch, and engraves a completely new plate as it is impossible to produce a new engraving that will be identical to the original. C $99. Yes, a number of collectors, at an appropriate price, add forgeries to their albums intentionally, not for purposes of fraud, but to study the continuing history of the stamp hobby in one of its more unusual areas. In fact, only twenty years after the issuing of the first stamp in 1840 did the first forgery appear. But without a detailed explanation of the characteristics of a forgery, I do not know! The Sperati forgeries are very well executed and dangerous to even experienced collectors. APS (USA) 1998. black page not included for free shipping will be shipped in glassines. May 10, 2014 By Audrius Brazdeikis. Which forgeries are these? USPS postage stamps forged in Maryland? Maryland revenue stamps? The well documented forgeries of the Baltimore local post of the 1800s? Visit Store: Western Bargain Centre. Williams say in "The 1918 Propaganda Forgeries," Stamp Collecting, November 11,1971, "These proofs (of the forgeries) are said to have been in a bombed building during WWII. FORGERY Beware of this forgery: At the moment (December 2014) a seller at Ebay U. Some stamps in his famous album contained as many as six different signatures or Guarantees of authenticity. There are 112 genuine plus the corresponding forged stamps from different countries all over the world. Forgery reference database Home Collection Of GB STAMP FORGERIES, Machin Definitives. Collectors need to know that some forgeries of inexpensive stamps are so prevalent that forged copies in general collections far outnumber genuine ones. They are important. It is held in five numbered boxes and contains a few genuine stamps for comparison. World forgery catalogue: a reference list of stamp forgery descriptions (Helsinki, Finland: Porssitieto Ky, 1998). With an Australian Colonial States and early Australian stamp Collection. View More by Conversations with Philatelists The stamp is a cheap Hamburg reprint and the segment cancel is a forgery. THE MODERN FAKE 1982 21ST BIRTHDAY OF PRINCESS DIANA STAMP ISSUES Fake Diana 21st Birthday Invert Color Proof Set In December 2016 I first presented this page for collectors and dealers to learn and detect the forgeries of the Princess Diana 1982 21st Birthday stamp issues that were originally printed for Saint Vincent, Saint vincent Grenadines, Montserrat and Tuvalu. The first of the stamps forged by Torres, discovered and described by Richard Frajola, is the 10 cent Thomas Jefferson. The Ebay seller was doing nothing wrong. She also discusses her specific collecting interests, her role in the Classics Society, and her success as an exhibitor. View More by Conversations with Philatelists The making of Fakes and Forgeries is an activity that has been in existence since the early years of philately. Forgeries of Fiji Postal Stamps FIJI FORGERIES and other pitfalls for the collector It is an unfortunate fact that many forgeries of Fiji's early stamps are in circulation. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Japans Klassiske Forfalskninger (stamp Collecting Japan Forgeries Philately)flaw at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! http://www. These differ from the standard Royal Mail issue in the fact that they have a border surround, unlike the usual self adhesive issues Stamp collecting is a hobby both rich in design and history. Most of the genuine graphics for this study come from my personal collection which was sold at auction in 2011. Not too smart for the forgers. The most famous of the forgers were Sperati and Fournier. The Alisaffi Forgeries (98 stamps, 6 pairs, 6 blocks of four), 3. Single from Self Adhesive Counter Sheet. "Fake" is used t display. The cancellation consists of a circle of 16 mm diameter without any text. The Turner Collection of Forgeries is a collection of forgeries of postage stamps of the world to about 1900 that forms part of the British Library Philatelic Collections. Full color enlargements at 300 and 600 percent display the key points that identify plates, states, positions, and types. Forgeries of Vilnius Issues. Crude Early Lithographic Forgery (14 stamps & 7 sheetlets), 1b. When it comes to stamp forgeries, the 1859 Issue of the Roman (Papal) State of Romagna, was one of the most prolifically counterfeited. You are bidding for the stamps in the photo,the stamps here appear to be fakes</p> L. A lthough little in known about Hirose, his forgeries were first learned about by European collectors in 1894 in an article in German. Harman, No. in the 1870-1880's) and the 3rd one is an engraved forgery by Panelli (approx. Collectors; Lot 6 Canada #3F 1851 12d Black Forgery 1990 Pink Cert. The popularity of these topical stamps, combined with the rarity of some, have lead to attempts to forge overprints, cancels, or outright new printings. Subscribe and Download now! By 1864, stamp collecting had moved out of the schoolyards and was becoming a business for dealers and a hobby for more mature (and wealthier) collectors. Carol Bommarito talks about how she got involved in philately later in life, and how flexible and accessible the hobby is for anyone to join at any age or stage in life. Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal addresses all philatelists, advanced stamp collectors, stamp exhibitors, experts, dealers, auction houses and philatelic organizations. If you are interested in buying, selling or swapping please contact me. This listing is for sixteen full sheets of imperf World War II era 1898 Honduras train stamp forgeries. CMN8) Worldwide Forgeries & Facsimiles plus a few Cinderellas, exhibition labels etc. Collectors of inexpensive stamps may chose to not worry about forgeries as the potential cost, or loss, will be negligible, but it should be well noted that many inexpensive stamps, some valued less than . He produced numerous dangerous forgeries such as the rare 1856 Austria newspaper stamp, the 1865 Colombia Arms of Colombia issue, and the early issues of Moldavia and Romania. "We use the term "forgery" to indicate stamps produced to defraud collectors and to defraud stamp-issuing governments. The primary objective of the campaign was to inject pro-British postal materials into the German postal system. 4, and “New Japanese Occupation of Burma forgeries appear”, Vol. You are bidding for the stamps in the photo,the stamps here appear to be fakes</p> Although these stamps are relatively well known among stamp collectors, most general line dealers, appraisers or auctioneers would not have any reason to suspect them as fakes. The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection holds a collection of such items, purchased as known forgeries as examples of the forgers’ “art. 10: 143: 03/30/2021 7:40 pm nuggethill : Stamp Collecting Items You Want To Buy You must have at least 50 posts to start a new topic or respond to a want list. N. 95 – 7. These are known in various colours, apparently lithographed, on newsprint paper. 00 Add to Cart: STAMPS CATALOGUE OF REPUBLIC OF CHINA (ISSUED IN TAIWAN SINCE 1945) by Wang. you will receive all that is shown. About Us. Fooled me completely. It does not offer a written explanation of the difference, but just a picture of a two forgeries! Tyler's Focus on Forgeries does not mention this issue. The initial data comes from the late David Olson's NumOnesIdentifier. Putting stamps in an album is probably the vision that pops into most people's minds when they think of stamp collecting, but attending a stamp show is just as fun and a lot more social. and a page of Stamps on Stamps (some forgeries may be genuine) Mainly 19th Century, in red 32 black page stockbook and on album pages etc. Estonia remained an independent state throughout the turmoil of the ‘20s and ‘30s, becoming a member of the Universal Postal Union in 1922. If the stamp and segment cancel were genuine, this would be worth a lot. This propaganda stamp (bottom), produced by the Nazis in Sachsenhausen concentration camp, was a forgery of the 1935 halfpenny stamp that was issued to commemorate the Silver Jubilee (25th year) of the reign of the United Kingdom’s King George V. com "Best of the Net" award to you and the CSA Stamps and Postal History web site. At the same time, like a rubber stamp, it left an ink "signature" in the slight indentation. One block of nine of the Bavarian 10 pfennig is inscribed, "As See David Sher, “Packet forgeries of the 1943 farmer stamps”, The Burma Peacock, Vol. And secondly, many fakes and forgeries, when properly identified, can make an interesting addition to a stamp collection. Entire forgeries are the most common way of creating counterfeits. Serrane, Fernand (1998) The Serrane Guide: Stamp Forgeries of the World to 1926. With an Australian Colonial States and early Australian stamp Collection. Fakes of the 1920 Provisional Surcharges . ' and a '1' below the 'v' surrounded by dots (this overprint has also been forged by the way). Expertising all these early stamps may not be a good option because close to 80% of the classic Japanese stamps found in general collections will be forgeries. It was inspired by several eBay users / dealers and collectors who have emailed over the last few months, and warned me about various unscrupulous sellers who make quite a cash flow selling Tag: Forgeries. Subscribe here! Stamp Collecting Albums - The final destination for many stamps Stamp Collecting Albums : The Final Destination for many Stamps. Many fakes were made purely to sell to collectors, and at minimum prices, simply to allow collectors to fill expensive gaps with cheap reprints. Our sale includes Sperati forgeries from various countries that were included in the second published work “Sperati II”. GB - 1929 PUC £1 a superb modern Maryland Forgery of this beautiful stamp which now catalogues at around £1,000, unused and a perfect addition for the specialist or thematic collector. A famous Austrian philatelist and stamp dealer, opening a stamp shop in Vienna in 1872; in his later years he duped stamp collectors by knowingly selling forgeries. Our teams will still be working so please do not hesitate to give them a call on 01425 472 363 if there is anything that we can help you with. Part I in no. To a large extent the definitions below are consistent with those given in the introduction to various recent editions of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. The a-n measurement on these 3 stamps also fail the test being only 6. The most interesting feature of the pieces is that they have manuscript markings in the margins. 28/1982, part II in no. This collection showcases fabricated documents and stories throughout history, and the diversity of purposes and contexts they were deployed in. org. It was selected because yours is a terrific mix of quality content, demonstrating outstanding knowledge of the topic, and quality design based on the site's usability, dependability and The area for purchasing Machin Forgeries. In my experience, the majority of the 1922 stamps offered in the marketplace by collectors or non-specialist dealers are forgeries. Collection Of GB STAMP FORGERIES, Machin Definitives. 00 Index to The Cinderella Philatelist 1961-1985 and to The Private Post 1977-1985 by Ian D. You are bidding for the stamps in the photo,the stamps here appear to be fakes</p> Fournier forgeries "François Fournier (1846–1917) operated as a forger in Geneva from 1904 onwards. com. 04-14-2012 07:34 AM. Fournier forgeries are among the most famous items in the stamp world. Koban issues of Japan are fascinating, because of the many paper and perforation varieties and, most of all, because of the many different cancellation types used for domestic and foreign mail in Japan and in the many post offices Japan operated in foreign Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Greece - Samos - Mint and Used Stamp Collection - Possible Forgeries Included at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Home › Forums › General Discussion › New WW Classic Forgery Site Tagged: forgeries, forgery, stamp websites, stamps This topic has 2 replies, 2 voices, and was last updated 1 month, 1 week ago by sforgca. Early Lithographic Forgery (83 stamps, 3 strips and 7 blocks or sheetlets), 2. Collectors can get together to maintain specialized websites to display their stamps (and forgeries) and gather information about them. Cancels and postal marking can, of course, be forged as on any cover. Stamp Collecting Supplies - Albums, Pages, Tongs, etc. Forgeries by Oneglia of Torino (27 stamps Online Store Collecting Stamps. A “forgery” is an imitation of a postage stamp intended to fool a collector or to cheat a government of revenue. See full list on findyourstampsvalue. Mark William Hofmann (born December 7, 1954) is an American counterfeiter, forger, and convicted murderer. Forgery or Authentic? One of the dark aspects of philately that we must all be concerned with are fakes & forgeries. Announcing Stamporama Approvals. These unsuspecting buyers were paying many $100s for stamps that would not be saleable for even 10% of that sum to real dealers. net Phone: (212) 221-6555 Fax: (212) 221-6208 Popular Collecting Areas Many philatelists collect stamps by themes / topics, so below we have set up a few sections for some of the most popular thematics / topicals. Crane, No. Unfortunately not all Japanese forgeries can be identified this way because many do not have the sankō, mozō, or mihon markings. It is genuine. Kock, World Forgery Catalog: A Reference List of Stamp Forgery Descriptions, pub. To identify a postage stamp, it is imperative that you prepare the basic stamp collecting tools needed such as: stamp tongs, magnifying glass, watermark trays and fluids, and The First Issues Collectors Club promotes the collection of and research on the first postage stamp issued by any nation, province, city, army or other entity. The collection was donated by Clifford J. The collection-study of Large Hermes head forgeries, on 36 pages, divided by type or forgers: 1a. Stamp Idenitification Aids; Scott Virtes Stamp Identifier; ISWSC's Worldwide Stamp Identifier ; Foreign Stamp Identifier; Interesting Pages: All About Battleship Revenues Bone and Stone Boy Scouts of America Stamp Collecting Merit Forgery indicates stamps produced to defraud collectors. Building a stamp collection begins with finding rare examples in superb condition. When Sotheby’s sold a collection of 1,500 known Sperati forgeries in 2007, one sold for £3,270 (roughly $5,250 in today’s U. Alexander of Alexandria, Virginia. This site primarily features counterfeit Confederate stamps and other faked and forged items. Fakes, forgeries and reproductions Every collector has made mistakes and been caught out at some time, often more than once and it should not be considered a mark of shame, rather, experience! Firstly, one needs to understand the difference between the terms. The Philatelic Foundation 22 East 35th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10016 philatelicfoundation@verizon. The purpose then was not to sell the forgeries to gullible collectors, but simply to save money on the cost of sending a letter. These were his own forgeries that were “Guaranteed Genuine” by a wide range of highly respected dealers or experts. Mangin said. The first postage stamp was issued in Great Britain in 1840, and by the early 1860s or earlier the first postage stamp forgery - in the sense of a stamp created to fool philatelists into thinking that it is a genuine one—appeared on the market. The stamps were held and applied by the counter clerks; the fraud involved substituting real stamps with forgeries and pocketing the money, at the same time not depleting his stock of real stamps, which had to be accounted for. Remember most forgeries are on the 1 lempira stamp or on fancy covers counterfeited for their appeal. Aug 25, 2013 - most valuable, most expensive foreign stamps | accuse of Fraud Belgian Rural postmen between 1849 and 1860 An early New Zealand Stamp Collection with specialized Chalons and Queen Victoria, Sideface printings. Airmail Postal Stationery . The monkey has appreciated 50,000 times as of 2009, to about CNY4,000, China. This exhibit is intended to emphasize a research focused approach to Finnish stamp collecting in general, and to the detection of the forgery and misrepresentation challenges in philately. ”. Our Nfld forgeries were neglected. Alterations, Fakes and Forgeries; SCADS (Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers) eBay Forgeries, Fakes, and Frauds. If exposed to humidity, stamps may rust or oxidize, “what we call ‘toning’ in philately,” Mr. Bogus issues and forgeries made by Taylor for countries other than the US. A collection of mostly mint Kangaroos does not readily fit the profile of a column largely devoted to stamp usage. LibriVox recording of Frauds, Forgeries, and Fake News Collection by Various. In the study of stamps known as Philately, this activity is very common thus learning to identify the authenticity of stamps from the fake is considered an interesting Forgeries of these are extremely common – a recurring issue in Estonian philately – and the few genuine articles that do exist are among the most valuable Estonia collectors’ stamps. Online stamp club, with over 2200 members worldwide. WWI War/Propaganda Forgeries. S. ). Hirose. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Letter. These postal forgeries are in nearly all cases not only very rare but highly collectible and desired as examples of postal history. The identifier for carriers, locals, fakes, forgeries & bogus posts of the United States: a study of the identification of the local stamp adhesive from the forgeries and bogus posts (Westpost, CT: L. A dangerous ring of ten ebay "handles" selling forged Australian, New Zealand and New Guinea stamps and cancels was uncovered and dismantled in April. He described his material as facsimiles and promoted it to collectors who could not Spying Eye, Handbook on Philatelic Forgeries, Chicago, 1948. Though stamps that are toned, damaged or without gum are of no interest. Erik Sjögren. All accumulation listings on album pages, hagners and stock cards are unchecked for faults and forgeries and are sold as-is, also we are not responsible for any descriptions written on them. In the Serrane Guide, 10 different types of forgeries are indicated for this tiny state that, in its history, issued only NINE postage stamps, and all of them in a single year. Condition: fresh and attractive sperati signed forgery stamp with typical crackly gum and small thin as shown Some typical condition issues as is to be expected on this era of material and is shown in the pics This would make a nice addition to an advanced csa exhibit or collection I have added a nice selection of many stamps to my store. François Fournier (1846-1917), operating out of Geneva (Switzerland) produced large amounts of false postage stamps between 1900 and 1914. Items can be bought or traded from other collectors or purchased from dealers through the web or at stamp shows. Welcome . Stamp Forgeries of the World to 1926. A forgery made for the latter purpose is sometimes called a "postal forgery". The Spiro Brothers and Erasmo Oneglia now have Wikipedia pages. com - we sell stamps and stamp collections through our weekly stamp auctions; we also offer free stamp collecting resources to help you "Fakes/reprints" in the world of stamp collecting are not quite the same thing as, say, a "fake" Mona Lisa. Stamp collectors especially beginners need a stamp identification guide in order for them to place their postage stamps in their proper places inside the stamp albums. The purpose of this site is to help identify genuine and forged first issue stamps. The ten ebay "handles" appeared to be inter-connected and were selling bogus material to unsuspecting stamp buyers on the large ebay website. 41. I use the ruler tool in photoshop on a zoomed in version of the overprint to quickly do these measurements. 2009) of fakes and forgeries of U. Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total) Author Posts November 21, 2020 at 9:06 am #78689 sforgcaParticipant … Collecting Seals and Labels by Charles D. 1927). There are many sites to help the stamp collector with the identification of stamp forgeries and general identification. Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished forgers in history, Hofmann is especially noted for his creation of documents related to the history of the Latter Day Saint movement. Often in the case of "common" forgeries, the cost may be 50 cents to a couple/few dollars, which simply represents the seller's cost of finding, describing, stocking, and providing the items. Catalog This series of pages is FICC' s central purpose: documenting all the first issues. 8. Borcsok collection of Honduran Provisionals. forgeries have sold for far more than the original stamp. SG12 dull blue, star watermark, printed on a white crisp paper, portrait of Queen similar to SG4, SG7, SG8 and SG11. An early New Zealand Stamp Collection with specialised Chalons and Queen Victoria Sideface printings. 25c, have been forged in great numbers. A. » Collecting Western Australia in 1912 – The Stamps » Forthcoming Sale-by-tender PO Box 55 Gosnells Western Australia 6990 wastudygroup@hotmail. Early Lithographic Forgery (83 stamps, 3 strips and 7 blocks or sheetlets), 2. Distinguishing Features of Jaan Lubi Forgeries of Estonian Stamps. Even the famous stamp collectors want to get hold of postal stationery pieces because of their unusual indicum, or imprinted stamps. Freestampmagazine-October 25, 2018 1. , State College: American Philatelic Society. Focus on Forgeries, A Guide to Forgeries of Common Stamps by Varro E. Filed Under: Stamp Collecting, Stamp Forgeries Tagged With: eBay forgeries, fake Grodno cancel, fake Wilna cancel, fakes and forgeries of classic Lithuania stamp forgeries, Vilnius forgeries. It is incredible that some people are willing to pay more than 1 Penny for a newly printed little piece of paper. I have been collecting some stamps from this period without really knowing if they were real or not. Years ago, I did a philatelic study of the forgeries of Romagna, utilizing the Serrane Guide and sundry other references. Stamps described as "Reproduction Art" have been appearing recently on online auction sites, The terms of the online auction in question state that all forgeries offered for sale must be marked "FORGERY" on the back. C $3,465. dollars). Kock. The background is very dark black on genuine stamps. com Contact Arthur (61) 0419 843 943 In this episode, Ted Talks Stamps takes a brief look at the career of Harman Herst Jr, one of the great dealers and philatelic writers from the heyday of stamp collecting, in the 1930s, in the philatelic center of the… View More Ted Talks Stamps: Episode 36 – Legends of Philately – Herman “Pat” Herst Jr. SCADS (Stamp Collectors against Dodgy Sellers) is an international association of philatelists and collectors whose purpose is to combat fraudulent and shady tactics by sellers of stamps, and to protect and educate the philatelic community at large, particularly the newer and less experienced collectors who represent the future of the hobby. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Letter. The Farrell Collection’s goal is to share a collection of stamps and philatelic material for collectors to use as reference A few high-profile collections even focus on stamp forgery. This is a one of the best FREE stamp exchange service for stamp collectors on the Internet! MyStampWorld. Most collectors will be able to identify many of the common forged Japanese stamps by using this tool. 13, No. In short, everything can be Other forgeries altered official stamp- issuing policy, it is believed that El Salvador’s first issue was withdrawn when forgeries of it produced for collectors appeared. The first classical forgeries began to show up in the 1860's. There was public debate as to whether these really existed in Honduras. 211: 2,570: 03/31/2021 3:16 pm lithograving : Stamp Engraver Forum This forum is about the men and women who hand engraved the dies from which recess engraved stamps are printed. Stamp Collecting Societies and Associations. Just like in the world of currency and of fine art, one has to be on the lookout for forgeries and fakes. com is proud to award the About. There are only a tiny few pages about the actual activity of stamp collecting. This black on vivid yellow paper example dates from the earliest days of stamp collecting. Nevertheless, forgeries do occur and these are often worth more than the genuine article to collectors! As collectors’ items, banknotes have distinct advantages over stamps and coins: They have a much larger surface area, creating more room for interesting information and attractive artwork. , expandeded edition. To determine a stamp’s Cinderella stamps include all manner of adhesive printings—from fiscals and forgeries to railway stamps, advertising labels, phantom issues, and charity seals—designed to resemble official postage but invalid for actual use. Some of these are quite rare and only a handful are known to exist. Crude Early Lithographic Forgery (14 stamps & 7 sheetlets), 1b. It is dull brown-black on the forgeries. The term "Forgery" in philately purely refers to the stamps or overprints made from the fake or imitation of original clichés or handstamps. N. FULL Row 2 of the image above shows 3 forgeries. The Stamp Collecting Forum - Oportunity to get GB postal forgeries - With little news on new stamps these days, it seems that every day something new comes to us in the way of forgeries. collecting stamp forgeries